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Thursday, February 23, 2017


Thank goodness my days of hook ups are done !

Not that I don't enjoy sharing about my days of hot sex at my sexual peak. (Believe me I do!)
But what I don't miss is the bullshit that goes behind getting a piece of nookie.

Take for instance this situation:

It was Sunday evening.  I was at home in the office messing around on the computer when I received a message from an unknown number.

Caller: Hey Mark you there?

Me: Yes. Who is this? The name didn't show up.

Caller: Tommy here..remember me? Want me to send some pics?

Me: Sure !

The very first picture he sent was a picture of his ass.  He had a very nice ass.  But all the same, it was just a picture of an ass.  the second picture was that of him smiling with no shirt on. He was a very handsome looking White guy with beautiful skin.

Next he would send a few pictures of his dick which was not bad at all.  I must say that the guy was hot !  I still didn't reconize him.  I thought he was a model from long ago that answered one of my adds.  It just didn't dawn on me that it was an old potential hook up.

Anyway, I replied by saying, "Wow ! you are a beautiful man !"

Tommy: Thank you. Can I see some hot pics of yourself too?

Me: I'm sorry I can't remember....were you a model that answered my add?

Tommy: We chatted on A4A before.

Me: Wow! that was some time ago.  I still have that account but haven't been active on there for about two years.

Tommy: Really? Wow !  I cleaned up all my junk in my phone.  I found your number and wanted to say hi.

Me: What's been going on with you?

Tommy: Pictures please?

I sent him a picture of me but of course it wasn't good enough because I had clothes on in the picture.

Tommy: Handsome. No nude pics ? :(

Me: Honestly I got rid of all my X pics. I really don't hook up anymore.

Tommy: Oh Shoot !

Me: By the way I put on lots of weight. I could send some more recent pics but it would have to be later on.

Needless to say I didn't get a response. 

Then it hit me. "This guy is a very hot guy. Why not see if he would be interested in modeling for me. If this guy has the nerve to text me out of the blue showing his dick and butthole maybe he'd be interested in posing for my portfolio."

So I text him, "I'm always looking for males to pose for my portfolio. Details are open for discussion if interested."

Of course I never heard from him.

I don't know what did it first.  I'm not sure if it was me saying I'm no longer hooking up or that I gained a lot of weight. Whatever it was, I know for certain I won't be hearing from that dude anymore.

What I love the most about getting older is the fact I just don't need it that badly.  Yes I think about sex alot.  Yes I have a very erotic mind and eroticism is what gets my dick hard.  But I don't feel the need to fuck everything that would let me.  And I'm not addicted like a smoker looking for a cigarette bud.  This dude scavenged through his phone looking for anyone. Messages from over two years and he expects me to be like,"Ok!" 

I am in no way mad about the situation. I actually find it quite funny but also a little sad because its a testimony that guys would say anything they feel you want to hear to get some dick.  

That mother fucker knows He didn't just want to say hi. he wanted some Black dick ! 

I'm just so glad that I don't have to play these game just to have sex with someone I have no connection with. 

I don't have to play games, lie or scavenge because I have some good sex with The Boss. And the best thing is I'm with someone I love. So when we're making love we're MAKING LOVE !

Speaking of which, I have hot bottom to jump in the next room.
Ciao people !


  1. I can't believe he didn't reply to you. I love your work and Tomass Hawkee's It would be an honor to pose for such talented people! He is crazy. But I do love your attitude!

  2. Mark, you summed it up so well. You go and make love to your man in the next room. (And then tell us all about it!)


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