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Friday, September 2, 2016


I never thought one post would stir up so much controversy.  I got three not so nice emails stating the disapproval of my last post. I even had a close follower stop following my blog. 

I could apologize for being "Whateva........Blah Blah Blah!" But I'm an artist. I do what I do and like the legendary Miss Sykes says:  I'MA BE ME!

Current song in the headphones :  CONTROVERSY - PRINCE



  1. I cannot figure out what would have made anyone upset about your previous post. Is there something I missed? I admit that I am not the brightest bulb on the Christmas tree, but I didn't pick up on anything that would have been offensive.

    Our blogs are expressions of ourselves and I am sure that you stand by your posts.

    1. They didn't like the title. Didn't like the play on words. Oh and it was a cheep way to get exposure from someone's misfortune.

      Anywhoo! Opinions are like assholes.....everyone has one.

      Next chapter... :-)

  2. I can't understand the play on word, so I can't appreciate it. and I can't realize what upset someone!

  3. Well, I certainly picked up on it - thought it was clever and funny. Ignore the people who can't find the humor in things... and keep doing what you do so well.

  4. Mark...count me in with Gabriel and Whkattk...I too thought it was clever...and hard - I suppose - to resist posting that very finely crafted image of Anthony integrated with on- going political news. Very well done!


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