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Thursday, August 4, 2016


Its been been a while since I checked my email for .

With work and my busy schedule.......Let's face it. I just don't check my emails like I should.

Usually I don't get much mail except for some links to some hot pics from some of my blog buddies.

Occasionally I will receive mail from a fan.

Here are two letters from fans.

This is what they wrote.


Hey there,

I recently came across the work you did with Michael Diamond. Big fan of a couple videos he did on Buzz West. Other than that though, I'm not sure I've seen any other work from him. Having worked with him, are you aware of any other work he's done? Seems as if there's a huge gap of several years between shoots.

Thanks. Hope you're having a good day!


PLEASE PLEASE Forgive me. I'm just seeing this message tonight. Its been awhile since I checked my messages due to work, life, and writing.  As far as Mr. Diamond I did reach out to him a few years ago.  I asked if he would like to do another shoot. he mentioned being busy with work and school we tried to make it work but fell through. I will see if I can get in contact again. Michael is a hot guy and would be in serious demand if he put himself out there more. I'll keep you posted. Again sorry for such a delay.


Good day Mark Greene

I would like to tell you how much I appreciate your site

I am a gay male of 70 from South Africa with Parkinsons disease but that does not stop me from admiring nude men from 20 to 70

When I opened your site this morning the large photo was of a mature male with a vest but the picture was cropped.  Is it not possible to
Show a full length photo of the  man.  The photos of (****) were a pleasure to watch.  Such a beauty not scarred by tattoos

Gay regards
South Africa

( I censored the names of the writers and the real name of the model to respect the privacy of each party)


Greetings Please forgive me for such a late response. I must check my email more often. I am so inspired by your message. Thank you so much for visiting. I will try to continue to bring a variety of male nudes for you to enjoy. Please forgive me for not being sure what image you are requesting. There is a few mature male models that I do photograph. I will start posting some images in the near future and you can tell me if these are the images you are talking about.

And by all means please join in the conversations on my posts! Its encouraging to know that more than just the regulars are out there visiting.

Thank you so much for your support.

Mark G.

You have no idea how inspiring it is to get mail like this. And even If i get one email a year from a fan, It is worth checking my mail more often.

I promise to be more active in checking my mail and I will work on your requests.

Ciao for now and here's to great shots!



  1. Two great emails, especially the one from the gentleman in South Africa. It is nice to get feedback that people enjoy your work, in your case as both a blogger and a photographer. You already know I am a fan!

    1. It is always a pleasure to see your comments. Thanks. And yes That was quite a treat reading those letters. It really made me feel good.

  2. Comments and emails are really the only way we know what we post is truly connecting with people. Yes, we can check our statistics to see how many are stopping by, but that doesn't tell us the whole story.
    Thank you for sharing those two emails. They corroborate my own sentiments: You do excellent work! Life and work do get in the way of this blogging thing sometimes. It's fully understandable. Just know, I appreciate that you share it with us. Rock on, my brother!

    1. Wow! thank you so much! That is very encouraging to here!

  3. let me say: if you have a mail adress, you should check it at least twice per week! about the compliments I agree witrh your readers, but your should update more often your blog. Happy sunGAY!


Thanks for commenting. I enjoy great conversation and sharing opinion. I love interacting with fellow friends and bloggers !

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