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Saturday, July 16, 2016


I've been shooting erotic photography for 10 years now.  Although I am not a professional photographer, I treat my hobby very much like a business.

One of my policies have always been my "hands off policy" in which I don't ever touch my model unless given permission. Yes there is often sexual tension and flirting but I try to keep it as professional as possible, yet still fun.

About two years ago I got the opportunity to work with a handsome gentleman.

I won't disclose his name but I'm sure when he reads this he will know who he is.  Again I take the respect I have for any of my models, friends or hook ups seriously as well as their anonymity.

Anyway, he stood about 5'10" with a nice body and an amazing looking cock.
His salt and pepper colored beard and hair made him look mature but in a very sexy way.

He had a very virile  look though he was very soft spoken and mild mannered.

From the time we shot to the very end, he had an enormous erection that would not go away.  He would caress and stroke it for the camera and every now and then he would get drops of precum that was more than teasing for me.  Not wanting to be intrusive, I would go on with the shoot refraining from making any inappropriate requests or propositions.  Like I said I don't usually make any type of sexual advances during my photo shoots unless the subject initiates or we have played before.

 As we were wrapping up the shoot, this guy was still hard!

He leaned back in the chair and kept stroking.  He asked if I minded, which I replied, "Hell No!"

It was a pleasure seeing him stroking his thick cock as he rubbed his chest.

The sight of him was getting me to precum in my pants.

Now, by nature I'm a horndog and I definitely won't turn down a meal if the plate is in my face.  But like I said, I don't go there unless its brought to me.

Seeing him stroke, I was hoping he would go there.  Every now and then he would look up at me in the chair with an inviting smile.  He must have known how much I wanted his tool in my mouth because he finally nodded for me to come near.  Cautiously I knelt down.

"Go ahead!" He said.

 I started to stroke it for him.  After concentrating intently on his hard on, I finally looked up at him with a horny and eager look and ask," Do you mind?" as I lean forward.

"No, Please do!"

I lean my head forward and slowly began to taste him with my tongue.

Before you know it he was standing up and I was on my knees with my mouth full of this man's gorgeous cock.

It was such a delight looking up at this guy and seeing him close his eyes as he felt the warmness of my mouth.

I began to go down deeper when he said, "Look up at me."

For some reason he really got into me looking up at him.

"Your eyes get so wide when you look up at me." He said.

"Its like you are really intent  in what you're doing."

"I really enjoy your taste," I smiled looking up at him.

I didn't suck on him for a long time.  It was just long enough to get a good taste.

He said that he would love to return the favor.  I smiled with an anticipation for that rain check.


  1. It looks like it might rain today. I think it would be a great day to cash that rain check! Sounds like a very erotic photo shoot and a very nice wrap up to the session.

    1. It sounds like s really good porn story. Flush it out, Mark, and submit it. You have a nice way of bringing your readers into the story. I tasted every leak with you.

  2. It's gotta be tough - at least sometimes - to watch a guy play and stroke; the temptation to join in has got to be overwhelming. If there was no interaction, I'd be whacking off the minute the guy left.


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