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Wednesday, June 29, 2016


Leather, S/M, bondage, spanking:

These are some of the themes that have been part of

Domination and power over another person sexually is one of the most arousing, dick throbbing aspects of sex for me.  And anyone who has read my past experiences knows that Domination and submission has had some part of my sexual play in various stories.

Whether I was throat fucking a hot bottom or if I had someone blindfolded and tied, I often enjoyed having a hot bottom boy at my disposal to do as I wish.

Sometimes it was me that was the one on my knees and submissive, so it should  be no surprise that some of the porn I enjoy may include an occasional BDSM scene.

A few weeks ago I was on Tumblr checking out some porn clips and pictures when I stumbled over a very disturbing clip of a guy tied to a chair.

I'm not going to say what was going on. I don't even want to give that kind of bullshit any kind of recognition.  One thing I will say is that the person tied to the chair kept saying "no."

The more he said no, the more the top continued.  Never before have I seen anything so disturbing.  The video appeared as a very thin line between sick amusement for the viewer and a snuff film.

I quickly removed that guy from my list of people I follow on Tumblr.  If I could have reported him I would have.

Recently I made a post titled A LESSON IN ABC'S

In it I described how I pushed this guy's boundaries as to how much oral sex he could take before he had enough.

WHKATTK  one of the readers and a good blog friend asked, "Serious question, Mark: When you do hook-ups like that  do you agree on a safe word or signal? Is it during the back & forth messaging before the actual meeting?"

My answer is yes! I usually always let the person know when we are chatting back and forth that there will be a safe word or some type of head gesture if the person is gagged. I don't even play with people who don't care if a safe word is used or not.  If I don't create a safe word I always communicate by asking how the person is doing. 

Domination is a very powerful type of play.  A good Top knows when to push and when to let off.  But even with that, communication is ALWAYS a necessity in any BDSM scene. 

There are some idiot tops and bottoms as well that just don't care about themselves or others.  And that is the difference between a pleasurable experience and a perversion.  I am sure you will hear me talk about this subject again.  It can not be warned enough!

A special thanks to Whatattk for bringing this to my attention.  I would never want to promote anything that is unsafe and just downright stupid behavior.  Again thanks.  

And thanks to all the visitors who cum and enjoy my blog.


  1. Thank you for the very kind words.

    There is no doubt that there are some people out there who get perverse pleasure from pushing too far. To go over the line and refuse to stop when a "play mate" has been repeatedly saying NO is inexcusable.

    When two (or more) people are enjoying the game(s), and it's fully consensual, it's hot and exciting and satisfying - for all.

    Great post, Mark, and thanks for answering. - Pat

  2. Thank you for calling it to my attention. There are so many blogs out there of guys doing dangerous careless stuff. I We are bombarded with porn that gives off this unrealistic ideal of what BDSM is about. I don't want to add to that! So thank you for calling that to me.

  3. blindfolded and tied? I'm your clay, mold me!!!!! I'll even let you peel the white jeans off......

    1. The white jeans? I have access to the white jeans? I'm in.........literally!

  4. I have a friend who is a bottom and I thought of him when I read your sentence about "idiot tops and bottoms as well that just don't care about themselves or others." He gets into bondage scenes with guys and told me that he never wants a safe word because he doesn't want an out. I am not against him being into being dominated, but I do encourage him to have some boundaries and control of situations. Creative sexual play is fun, but it needs to be controllable by both parties.

    Mark, I appreciate how you know what you like and what turns you on, yet how you have respect for your partner and insist on a signal. I wish you could teach my friend that.

    1. I will never understand what make people feel the need to take things further than things should go.

  5. I know BDSM can be erotic, but not for me. I'm not into any dominating/dominated attitude! not for moral reasons, but only because it's erotic for me. I love other things in sex! In my sex club, it happened to me to see some soft dominating situations, not involving me! the less I can say is that there must be agreement between the parties, otherwise it becomes pure violence! I think the same thing about other extreme practices (like scat), I have only seen on the internet (tumblr). Neither such other practises are for me.

  6. Mark did you ever post more videos if so where,this is Scott thanks


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