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Thursday, May 19, 2016


O.K.  For those who know me, you know that as a photographer, I usually only post my own stuff here.  But after finding this hot stud and nearly having an orgasm seeing what he could do with his tongue, I figured this picture would be most appropriate for the topic at hand.

To Rim or Not to Rim. That is the question.

How many like to do it? How many like it done to them? How many say no way?

Polls are open lets hear what you got to say.

I'll start by saying I stopped doing it and having it done to me. But after seeing this gif, he can do just about anything he wants to me! LOL 

Its a great feeling but I won't ask anyone to do anything I won't do myself. I stopped rimming long ago so I don't expect it to be done to me.  I discovered that men are much better at it than women.  Men will grab you by the waist and bury their face in it while women cautiously lick and barely get near the crack. But a guy gets deep with his tongue and if they are really into it, they will moan and growl which is amazing because you can actually feel the reverb of his moans and grunts bouncing off your bunghole almost like its a vibrator. Talking about AMAZING!

Is it a great feeling? Hell yes! Will I do it again or have it done to me again? With the rise of STDS and HPV going on, most likely not. Butt what about you? 


  1. I don't rim (or be rimmed) with just anyone, but I am definitely open to it if the guy who I am dating is into it. It is a great feeling in either position and a wonderful prelude to what is probably about to happen. LOL!

    I totally agree with your comments regarding the STD issues and that is why I only do it with serious relationships. And I totally agree with you about that image that kicks things off. That is a guy who knows how to use his tongue!

    1. Yeah. With anonymous hook ups you never no what's lurking. And the attitude and behaviors of some guys is totally frightening. Seeing a guy get gang banged by twenty other guys may look cool in porn, but if someone is really that active and some REALLY are, That's just asking for trouble. Besides some guys don't know the meaning of SOAP AND WATER. Geesh!

  2. I have no problem rimming if all has been cleaned up. I love to drive the guy nuts. Me. I love having it done. Most guys say they love my bubble ass as it is. The Lad always says before coming for the weekend. " get the salad bar ready"

    1. Now I could take a fresh Caesar Mistress on the side, or a Gabriel Deluxe with my milkshake no problem.

    2. I like the way you think, Mark! LOL!

    3. great minds think alike! :-)

  3. I love being rimmed, that takes me in heavens!!! but I am sure that a hole is clean (I don't want surprises) you can bet I rim deeply. And I get the most excation seeing the rimmed one goes in heavens because of my oral job! That makes me so proud od myself!

  4. Rimming, never done it myself, nor to me. Sorry. Sounds lots of fun though.

  5. Never done it...never had any desire to. Have had it done to me...didn't do anything for me - my cock didn't even get hard. Now, when he moved to lapping at, and sucking on, my balls - big old boner! LOL.

  6. Great post...mark me down with what Gabriel expressed so well...a tongue on my hole is ecstasy!


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