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Monday, May 23, 2016


Tell me that you don't remember 
When I kissed your sweet December 

Starting from the month of May
Down I went with no delay

Going lower to month of June
Eager to arrive but not too soon

Say you don't remember when
Entangled were both our skin

Entangled in a web of love
Voices quiver like a dove

Lie and say it isn't true
With you in me and I in you

Lie and say it isn't so
Deep inside me you would go

It's so sad to know thus far
You still can't be who you are

Sad to deny just what could be
When I can still feel you inside of me 

Enslaved by society's trouble
The thought of stubble against stubble

The whisper of truth you try to hide
When Mars and Mars start to collide

When the moon begins to celebrate us
When my Mars penetrate Uranus 

You told me that you loved the taste
December's dew you did not waste 

Now I really wonder why 
There's a tear drop in your eye

Can it be you do remember 
When I kissed your sweet December 


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