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Wednesday, April 13, 2016


It was an awkward time at the dinner table last night.  Earlier that day The Boss (my partner) stumbled over a rough draft I was editing for an installment of "TALES OF MY MISCHIEVOUS THIRTIES."

Although we had and open relationship for years and he knows I have some stories of past experiences on my blog, he's never had much of an interest in visiting the blog.

Although he said he wasn't upset I got the vibe that something was bothering him. 

I flirted, " How's The Boss?"  "My name is not Boss! Can you call me by my real name for once," he snapped.

Me: What's wrong?

Boss: Nothing. I'm fine. How are you?

Me: I'm o.k.

I found it strange that he snapped about something so small like calling him by his nickname.  But when he left to run his errands he seemed o.k. so I didn't pay much attention to it.

That evening after dinner we were still at the table when he 
walked to the counter and pulled out two letters.  

Boss: By the way I was doing some cleaning in the office and found this.

It was a draft of a story I was working on for the blog.  When I saw the first words I felt my heart sink in my chest.  I felt as if I wanted to crawl up in a ball and disappear. 

Its one thing to share my experiences anonymously with someone.
But to have someone that you know and love read explicit actions between you and another dude can be very embarrassing.  Its kind of like being a teenager and your mother finding your gay porn stash (which actually happened by the way.)  Not to mention; this is my partner.  Although he understands that I like various sexual activities with others that he wasn't into, I never wanted to throw my experiences in his face.  I have too much respect and love to be like, "Honey I'll be back. I'm going to fuck someone tonight."

Whenever I'd hook up or go cruising I'd just say that I'm going out tonight.  He'd tell me, "O.K. be careful." I knew what he meant.
But now he had blow by blow detail of what sometimes take place when I "go out."

Me: I'm so sorry Michael.

Boss: Don't apologize. I know we decided to have an open relationship.

Me: Yeah, but I never meant to....

Boss: Throw it in my face?  I know.  The fact is you didn't I just discovered it. But in the future when you're writing drafts for your blog .....

Me: All drafts are gone! AGREED!

We gave each other a kiss and I went in the spare room, turned off all the lights with my hands over my eyes for about 15 minutes calling myself "stupid Idiot!"  

Well at least there weren't pictures this time !


  1. Well I'm certainly glad there weren't any pictures (as much as many of us pervs would have liked to see) but it sounds like things will probably work out
    I certainly hope so ❤❤❤ UB

    1. Funny what bothers us. When I was with my ex of 11 years, it always bothered my ex how many partners I had prior to him. He could get jealous at times. We even tried a threesome once, not good. In a open relationship there have to be ground rules to abide by otherwise it won't work. Sounds like you guys will be fine.

    2. Everything seems alright. I'm glad that we can have dialog and talk about things instead of holding grudges. It works better. Thanks my favorite Unc.

  2. I am glad that everything is better now between you and Michael.

    1. Yeah it is fine. Situations of slight jealousy has come up on both our sides. Now that our relationship is more exclusive we don't have that too worry much. However we don't try to delude ourselves with the "Happily ever after, It won't EVER happen again" ideal of "total monogamy." We understand that we are both human. We are both men. And Men do what we do. But we also understand the value of each other and our relationship. It all works out.

  3. It's always tough to have those kinds of confrontations - especially when we know we've fucked up. Sorry you went through it. Chin up, and forge on...and maybe write your drafts on computer and save them in a less conspicuous place. Be well, my brother!

  4. Yeah I write them on my computer now. I used to do on my computer sometimes and on paper sometimes but now I will keep all drafts on my computer. Thank you.

  5. love your pics! But I'm so happy for you!


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