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Tuesday, September 1, 2015


First of all, Do not be fooled by the title. I don't claim to have the key to building a successful blog.  Nor am I giving advice on how to do so.  This is just an account on how I started my blog and what works for me.

First thing for me was to discover why I wanted to start an erotic blog.
I guess the easiest answer is : I LOVE ASS!
But beyond me loving some male booty, I really do enjoy being able to express my erotic feelings without the hassle of judgement of those more inhibited than myself.

We spend a large portion of our time in an environment that forces us to suppress our sexual feelings; whether it be at work, school, with family or certain friends, etc.  It feels good to be able to connect with others such as myself and let loose.

 Being an artist, blogging is a great way to build a fan base and share my work with others who enjoy erotica.  It's also great to see the work of other photographers, artists, writers and bloggers.  Being a fan is just as fun as having them!

How it all began:

I started taking photography classes back in 2000.  Back then film classes were still being offered so I took a few.  My work consisted of stills, portraits and some photojournalism. 

Our college class had so many hot guys in it.  I would often fantasize about seeing these young guys naked.  One day in the dark room, there was this young guy in his early twenties.  He was a very cute Latin guy with smooth, dark brown skin.  Like most of 
the guys his age, he had his pants sagging pretty much to the point 
that you can see the shape of his ass through his undies.  I remember being so turned on watching him, I had to walk around the room with something in front of my crotch so no one would see my erection.  It was during that time I started to integrate my love for the male body with my passion for photography.

The Male Casting Couch :

In July of 2014, I began working on various ways to get my images noticed.  I began my blog The Male Casting Couch.

I wanted it to be more than just a blog of my pictures.  My whole idea was to create dialog between me and my viewers.  Later I added a series of short stories of past encounters titled TALES OF MY MISCHIEVOUS THIRTIES  which has turned out to become my most popular set of posts.

Just recently I added another series of stories.  These are more current encounters titled  CHRONICLES OF THE SCRUFFY BLACK GUY .

Model search:

 Being unaware of how to go about finding models, I did some online research and found a few sites to post adds for male models.
Back in the day Craigslist was a very good source to find guys who would pose.  Later I discovered  It is a online community for photographers, models and other artists to network. 

Often when I was getting to know guys on the hook up sites, they would ask about some of my hobbies and interests which opened up opportunities to get guys into modeling for me.

Straight or Gay :

I find it much easier to work with gay male models than straight.  Some of this has to do with the sexual chemistry we share together.  Often the sexual tension between the photographer and the muse can create some of the most hot images.  Also, I love to flirt and I love to express how hot my model is.  It makes him feel sexy, gets him in a very frisky mood and brings out that side of him that I want to capture on cam.  Straight guys are a little more inhibited.  Although that's not always the case.  There are plenty of straight guys that don't mind you drooling over them, even squeezing a butt cheek every now and then. :-) Which leads me to my next subject :

Hands off Policy :

This is no longer my hobby.  This is very much a business.  One of my policies have always been my "hands off policy" in which I don't ever touch my model unless given permission.  Yes there is often sexual tension and flirting but I try to keep it as professional as possible yet still fun.

I want my models to be very comfortable with me.  They come in with an understanding that I am hiring them for their erotic images and nothing else.  Usually after the first or second photo shoot, we are on a friend basis more than a business one.  

Also I learned that you don't get as many shots when your fucking around.  Times before I said, "WOW I had a great photo shoot," only to discover that I did more "shooting" than I did shooting. So No touchy feely until AFTER the shoot and unless I'm Buddies with the subject, I usually don't initiate. 

Just as a side note but a VERY important one; I always try to get a model release for all my models allowing me to use their images online as well as document their legal age at the time of the shoot.

There is only one person that I don't have a model release for due to the fact we work on a Time For Print / Time For Image basis (TFP). But I limit my Time For Print jobs.  I would rather pay for someone's time and know I have images I can use than do a TFP only for the subject to change his mind.  Then legally I'm stuck with a bunch of pictures that only I  can see and that's not what I'd want.

Stayin' Alive :

It is very challenging to stay alive in this blogosphere.  With Google's ever changing policies you never know if or when they will pull the plug on you.  So I decided to make my blog about my photography and my writings so that no one can ever say that I'm violating copyright laws.

Also If I have any videos that I post, I make sure to post them on a platform that accepts adult material.  I just recently got my You Tube account suspended even though I had everything private.


The last thing, once I got all the technical bullshit out of the way, I Networked my ass off.  Back in 07 I started a blog that went nowhere for two years.  For two years I had a total of 68 visitors.  I thought, "Just post and post and post some more.  Surely they will come!"  Never happened. 

From my experience, and I can only speak from my experience, networking is the only way to get others to your site.  Comment, on others' posts.  Make blog buddies.  Create a blog roll that consist of blogs that you enjoy and also your followers will enjoy.  When fellow bloggers see that you take interest in what they are doing they will take interest in what you are doing and add you to their blogrolls.

My goal for 2016 is not only to gain more followers for the year, but also to open up more dialog between the viewers.   

I look forward to hearing from you guys especially on this one. People have often messaged me about what the photographer's process is.  So I hope I  was able to give a little insight on what we do and how.




  1. I found your explanation on your work very interesting. I love beautiful photography (even if it doesn't involve a naked man!) and I wish I had more of an eye to actually do some photography. But that is not one of my talents. I love seeing your work and reading your thoughts. Keep blogging and creating!

  2. I was thinking to make a similar post for my Xersex &

    very interesting! every post of your blog is so wellCUMmed!!!

  3. You do an excellent job, Mark. It's a very enjoyable blog - whatever the reasons you began it, I love stopping by!

  4. Very interesting to read how it all began for you, Mark. :)
    I wish you the best of luck in getting visitors/fans/appreciation for your work.

    Here... Now, & in the future. Your online buddy - hot studs.

  5. this is my post on the same subject


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