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Thursday, July 2, 2015


What a fun evening it was. My latest  meeting was with a young Latino gentleman by the name of Jose. He sent me a message in my email expressing an interest in getting together. We met through a friend of his that I played with.  Our mutual friend suggested that he give me a text so he did. 

He was predominately a top and had an interest in exploring his submissive side.

He asked if we could meet before we got together since he was a little apprehensive playing with someone to whom he was unfamiliar. I agreed to meet him at my favorite bar. 

9 PM sharp he walked into the room.  He was a very good looking Latino guy, beautiful brown skin with short wavy hair, and a goatee.  He had a very viril presence. We sat down and talked for about an hour.  He mentioned that it was vary rare that He bottomed and that he would love to learn how to deep throat.  I told him I would teach him how to be a good cock sucker. I could tell by the smile on his face and the look in his eyes that he was eager to learn.

After our chat we headed back to my place.

First thing I do  when he walks through the door is tell him to take off everything but his underwear.  Slowly he begins to strip down until its just his tighty whiteys.  His body is hot .  He's got a ripped torso, dark brown skin, short thick goatee and a furry treasure trail leading into his drawers.

"So what now!" He says with a slight accent.  The next command is for him to get on his knees. He stood there in his underwear looking at me.

Me: What's up!

José:  Nothing, just it's very rare that I'm on my knees.

Me: You don't want to be on your knees?

Jose : Sure! I would love to for you.  I just got to get used to it.

I walk over to where he is. I stand in front of him smiling.

I'm going to train you how to be a GOOD cock sucker. O.K ?
I began to coax him down to his knees.

  He looks up with a big grin .  "Take off your clothes," He orders.  I grab the back of his neck and declare,"I'm in control now!" He looks at me humbled by his desire to learn his new found submission and frustrated that he has yet to get his request.

What's your name again? I ask. 
I remembered his name but I asked that for a reason.

"Jose," he responds.   

Me: I'm gonna call you J.

He looks at me with a lustful smile and says, "Yes Sir."

I begin to tease him immensely by moving in front of him so that my bulge in my pants are just inches from his face. He begins to grab for my waist. "Hands behind you back!" I command.  Quickly he snaps his hands back. 

I slowly unzip my pants and begin to pull his face toward my crotch.  I'm wearing my blue and white boxers.  He begins to take in the scent of my crotch and begins to pull my drawers down. "Hands behind your back!" I snap.  He lets out a frustrated sigh and scowl.
"I got something for you," I tell him. I head for my room and pick up my black leather restraints.  His eyes widen with either excitement or nervousness.  Its pretty hard to determine.  I grab his arms and begin to lock his arms in the restraints. I pull my pants down lower and wave my cock in his face.  He eagerly attempt to catch it with his mouth. "Open up" I tell him.  He quickly opens his mouth.  Slowly I place my self inside him. 

"Umm," he begins to moan.  For someone who claims not to have much experience, he does a great job on me.  However the goal is to get him to deep throat. 

You want more? I ask as I push deeper in his mouth.  He begins to gag and choke as spit runs down his chin.  After only a few minutes he begs for a break so I unlock the restraints and we move into the bedroom in which he collapses on the bed.

With him face down in his chonies, I begin to crawl up just enough for me to bury my face in his ass. Something about a hot ass in chonies makes me want to sniff him like a horny dog. I spend a good 4 to 5 minutes just sniffing his crack, wedging his drawers higher and higher up his beatiful brown  butt.  My dick is rock solid by now.  And as much as I want to mount this guy I'm not.  Instead I tell him to turn over and place his head over the edge of the bed.

I know this may be advanced for a beginner but tonight I'm going to take him as far as he lets me.

ME: Open up.

I cautionsly enter his mouth not wanting to be too forceful.  I slowly push deeper and deeper.  He begins to make loud gargling noises and begins to choke a little.  I stop pushing but I keep my cock in.

Me: You ok?

He nods "yes" the best he can. At this time, I place a blindfold over his eyes that I got out of my dresser.  Some of it was for the excitement of what's to come, some for power and control, but mostly because it helps to take away a lot of distractions and its easier to focus.

I begin to push in deeper. At this time there are gobs of spit pretty much all over his face and his face has turned a beet red. He's had enough.  Just as I pull out, he rushes to his knees motioning me as if he were expecting me to resume thrusting his throat.  So I walk up and start to pump again. Within seconds, he's gushing in his underwear with his hand gripped tightly on his cock. We look at each other.

Me: Where do you want it?

J: All over my face. 

Within seconds I spurt streaks of cum on his face. 

After that we wash up and he takes off. The next day I receive a text thanking me for a good time and looking forward to the next go round.



  1. have you met each other again???

  2. No I thinking it may be awhile. If we ever do. So many guys say they are interested then after they get what they want they are nowhere to be found. But I will give him the benefit of the doubt taking that it was just a about two weeks ago.

  3. YYou could sell this as an article or premise for a screen play

  4. Mark, I am looking forward to the next go round. Loved reading about your adventure!

  5. Thank you. I love to write. I love it just as much as I love my photography. If only I could make a living from my writing and my photography. I would write and create all the time.

  6. Whew... Boner city, man. Boner city.

    Have a great weekend, have a fun but safe 4th!

  7. Just followed you... You're on my "Blogs I'm following" list. :)
    Lots of love from Hot guys pictures.

  8. Mark I read your adventure, very interesting!!!


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