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Monday, April 27, 2015


It was a very frustrating evening being online only to get rejection after rejection; or even worse, being lead on by game players.

So I decided to call my buddy up to see what he was up to.  This was one of my close friends but every now and then when something "arises" we would get together and mess around.

I called him up to see what was going on.  "I'm a little busy tonight," he said.   Right then and there I knew he had a meeting with some guy.   "O.k. who is he?" I snapped.   Laughing he explained that he was meeting a guy that was another buddy of his.  To my frustration I sadly told him to have fun. There was a pause on the phone and then he asks If I wanted to see if his friend minded an additional friend.  "Sure!" I said, hoping that he would say yes.

After getting the ok, He gave me the address to where they were.  He told me to just come in and lock the door behind. So when I got there and did as instructed.   I walked toward the back of the house to the bed room, and there they are on the bed in a 69 position sucking each other.   My friend was a good looking White guy in his 40s at the time, nice body  with an incredible ass.  His friend was a 30 something Black guy with a nice cock and booty that jiggled with even touch of my friend's hand.

So I get naked and join in on the fun. That night we all took turns fucking each other.  My buddy and his friend tag teamed me, Me and my buddy tag teamed the other guy.  Its was a very good time. When I got home, I checked my messages and found three messages from guys interested in hooking up.  Oh well! I had a great time regardless.


  1. a frustrating situation turned in a very funny way!!! great!!! and delicious!!!

    enjoy my last post:

  2. The one and only time I had a three way the other two were so into each other I felt left out 😞

  3. This was a good one. And yes I had an experience like that. Not fun.

  4. sounds like fun, thanks for the visual


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