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Saturday, April 18, 2015


I was out one weekend at my favorite bar when I ran into Kim, the hot Asian stud I had the pleasure of getting acquainted with years prior.

It was about 4 years ago after our first meeting.  He was still very petite, still had that gentle yet masculine presence, but looked more distinguished as he had a streak of gray hair on both sides of his head.  His English was much better and I could tell he had more experience under his belt.  He was more confident and this time he was properly dressed for the occasion.  He wore some well worn blue jeans and a tee shirt and he was sporting that sexy scruff on his face that brought out that masculinity under that smooth skin of his.

I walked up to him and to my surprise he had a big smile and gave me a hug as if he had seen a close friend from long ago.

Kim: Long time!

Me: You remember me!

Kim:  Of course! How can I forget? What brings you here?

Placing my hand on his back and massaging it gently, I look into his eyes with a smile,"What do you think?"

He smiles back, takes a swallow of his beer and says, "You think you're gonna be able to fit that in me?"  I answer back with a smile, "I'm going to have fun trying."  

He guides me back to the play area.  The last time, he was very timid and shy.
This time however, He lead me back like and owner tugging his puppy.

He finds a secluded spot and without hesitation he unbuckled my pants, dropped my  drawers to the floor, got on his knees and began to work on my cock.

He still struggled swallowing the whole shaft, but it was hot to see that he was just as eager to please as the first time.

To my pleasure he allowed me to grab the back of his head and push my cock deeper in his mouth.  I went pretty deep because he started gagging and spitting gobs of saliva which was fine by me.  I love a sloppy wet blow job.  It took a moment for all the spit to clear from his throat but as soon as it did, he was back on it.  It was so hot seeing him looking up at me.  I wanted to bust right then and there.

Me: I'm gonna shoot all over your face!

Kim: Not yet ! I want you in me!

Wow ! he had come a long way ! The first time I tried to fuck him he held back but now he's literally begging for it.

I stood him up and opened his butt cheeks as his pants were already around his ankles.  He put so much spit on my cock, I didn't need any lube.  He felt the warm head pushing into his pink hole.  
His eyes widened. "SLOWLY!" He moaned.  I whispered, " Don't worry.  We're going to take our time. OK?  Just breathe and relax."

As he began to relax, I pushed in deeper.  It felt incredible having his warm hole squeeze the tip of my cock.  It was so warm, so tight and moist. If I ever felt ecstasy this was it.  That was the very first time I felt the inside of someone's ass without a condom.  It felt amazing!  After a few strokes he said, "We need  condom."  There was no way I wanted to leave that warm hole feeling what I felt.
But I totally obliged taking that I was not into the barebacking scene nor did I want to get into that habit.

I put the condom on, lubed up and proceeded to push through his tight walls.  He pushed my lower torso away as to halt, so I stopped and waited for him to gain comfort.

I must have spent about 15 minutes taking very slow strokes with him.  Normally by this time I'm plowing some ass.  But it feels so good to be in someone so tight.  What's more is, he wants to take it.
If I had to fuck him nice and slow all night, so be it ! It really felt great being inside him.

Slowly I began to pick up the pace as much as he would allow.

What a sight to see.  I'm fucking this guy and he's loving it.  What's even hotter was seeing us in the mirror : Me 5'10"fucking him from behind while him about 5'6" is on his tippi toes taking every inch like a champ.

As I pumped him, he began to explode his jizz. There was some that got on his jeans and the rest on the floor.  I pulled out and got him on his knees.  He sat there eagerly waiting for me to shoot.  I began to let out a sigh.  He sticks out his tongue. As soon as his tongue touches the tip, I release a large load. I wanted so badly to see my hot load on his face but he wanted it in his mouth ( no complaining here!) 

You know that rush you get a few seconds after you shoot?  It is so sensitive. he keep sucking me.  I quickly grabbed his head but he kept on sucking as much as he could.  I could barely stand it.

I said, " OK! OK!" and pushed him away. We looked at each other and burst into hysterical laughter.  I believe it was laughter of relief.  There is something about and orgasm that causes an intense emotional response.  He looks at my dick that's getting a little softer.  Still with a bit of cum on it he moves in to clean the rest off with his mouth.  My body wants to respond by pushing him away again (going back to that orgasmic emotional response) but I hold back. I let him clean me off. I close my eyes and bear the agony of post cum sensitivity as he licks me clean.

We got cleaned up and went back into the bar area.

We both had a guilty smirk on our faces as some of the patrons teasingly looked at us with that "I know what you were doing" smirk on their faces.  Not to mention the stain on his pant leg and the scent of aftersex that was on both of us.

That was so hot that when I went home I went straight to the bathroom and shot another load as I recalled the encounter in my head. Jumping in the shower, I cleaned up and got ready for bed.


  1. Mark, first of all I really enjoyed the video clip. I hope you will keep posting more of those. And the story with Kim is so hot. Your description made me feel like I was there, especially when you mentioned the "agony of post cum sensitivity". We all know what that feels like. Thanks for sharing!

    1. Thank you. As I said before, I am very much amateur in the video department. But I had fun putting it together.

  2. the video is great! loved the second guy most!

    for sure you had a great sex meeting!!! happty for you!!!

  3. Replies
    1. Thank you. I really enjoy seeing you in your sexy undies. :-)


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