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Thursday, April 23, 2015

A Few Misconceptions About Me

In this blogosphere, it is very easy to create an image of oneself that may exaggerate or just not portray the real person behind the keys. So I wanted to clear up a few misconceptions that has been brought to me .

1. All I do is think about sex.

No I think about sex MOST of the time.
I do have a life outside of sex and writing about it or photographing naked men.
I...... I......., well I Just do !  :-)

2. The post " TALES OF MY MISCHIEVOUS THIRTIES : THERE CAN ONLY BE ONE TOP " feeds into the whole macho bullshit that tops are more masculine than bottoms.

Well that's just how some guy's think. Definitely that's how that guy thought . That's not my view however . Masculinity has nothing to do with whether you're a top or bottom.  Masculinity comes from who you are.  The same as being effeminate.  Its just who you are.  Neither is right or wrong.

3. I'm a total top.

Ha ha ha! RIGHT!

I like to get it up the butt just like the next guy. I just don't very often . I do consider myself 90 percent top . I like it and I'm good at it. And I love me some ass ! Plus there is a plethora and I do mean a plethora of clumsy tops that need to quit!.......I'm sorry. Just keeping it real! Sex is not just about the body, it's about the mind. Learn how to get your partner there before you start rammin' shit in him! Goodness!

4. I'm a sadomasochist .

LoL this is always funny.
O.k. I do enjoy some light bondage, a little D/s play, maybe even a little duct tape every now and then. But let me tell you my play is like Disneyland compared to what I've seen others partake in.

 No Hun, I'm vanilla! Trust me on that one.

5. I've heard from both extremes on this one :
I only fuck with white dudes, Or I only fuck with the brothas.

Read my blog.

6.  I only comment to those who comment on my blog.

No. the thing is I enjoy conversation.  I often comment on many other blogs than my own.  Sometimes I miss comments from other blogs in my gmail account due to the high volume of info that gets saturated in my inbox.  I do enjoy the interaction I have with all my online buddies.  Also I am not and don't want to get to the level of "Comment on my blog and I'll comment on yours."  I've been on many sites like that and left. Basically you are paying for people to comment on your work.  As an artist I will always encourage commentary.  That's what keeps me going.  But art isn't about do this for me and I'll do this for you.  I would hope that those who do share on my blog do it because they are compelled to, not because they expect a comment in return.  Once it gets to that point, it would be time for me to give up blogging.  What I want is sincerity.  There is a fellow blogger that has shared that there are images I have that he doesn't like and he shared why he doesn't like them.  I appreciate that because it is sincere.  So in other words,  don't expect me to blow smoke up your ass and don't do the same to me.

7.  Mark gets lucky all the time.

Nah! If only that were so.  For every hot hook up, there are probably 10 disaster stories like the Tweeker indident.  I've actually had a few of those guys.  There's the bottom that shouldn't be bottoming. There's the top that shouldn't be topping.  And the profile of a 50 year old that turned out looking like a 70 year old. how many of those can I count?   

No I don't hook up as much.  I'm realizing that I am much more content with the partner I have at home.  A lot that's out there is just bullshit anyway. 

 8.  Big Medium or small penis ??? 

 I would say average. Everyone who's been up and personal with it has there own take on it.


  1. Mark, I appreciate you sharing your thoughts. I always like learning about the blogger as well as enjoy their posts. I think we all come across like we are obsessed with sex when our blogs are highly sexual in nature, but I am the same as you. I love sex and do think about it a lot, but I have many other interests and relationships that have nothing to do with sex. Although in some of those other areas, I WOULD have sex with some of the guys who are there if asked! LOL!

    I love the conversations that take place on blog sites. As much as I love feedback on my sites and want as many followers as possible, it is about quality over quantity of interactions. I love the connections that I have made through blogging.

    Now, as for the final shot, I would be a much better judge if the pajama bottoms were around the ankles. I would be happy to help grade the size if any help is needed! LOL!

    Thanks for sharing as an artist and fellow blogger!

    1. Well sure. I would love to oblige by dropping trou. However to measure the circumference other more active measures must be taken. :-)

    2. You know I am willing to offer a helping hand or ASSist in any way needed. Just call. :-)

  2. agree with Gabriel! love your sincerity. About #1, I must admit: if I am asked if I think so much about sex, I provocative answer: yes, I love sex, I live for it and I think about it 150%. And I want to think and make sex more and more. Obvioulsy my life is also not only sex, but for sure sex is my fav activity.

    1. One of the most pleasurable pastimes !

    2. let me add something about you point 3:
      I'm top 150% anally speaking (orally I'm 100% versatile).
      I don't like so much anal sex, I prefer oral sex, from sweet kisses on the skin to swallowing cum (slurp)!
      I don't like being fucked, I can't get any pleasure there. I can fuck very well, but only if Im requested for!

  3. I want a "Scruffy Black Man " with an Artist Heart and Soul and appreciates my "out of the box" sense of humor . 😉
    Too bad you're taken. Lucky Bastard ♡ ♡ UB!

  4. All this is only because people tend to imagine a perfect world , a world of appearances . Nothing should be as real as can be.
    For most, the bottom guys don't have value. They are despised .
    You said: 'Sex is not just about the body, it's about the mind'.
    Most gay men only care about the body and physical beauty . Hey, I'm not a freak, okay? I'm a ordinary guy. But this behavior of the majority of the guys, made ​​me change and reject me. I don't like being gay . Every day is a torture, live with this reality.


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