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Saturday, March 14, 2015

The Scruffy Black Guy

Well its about day five of my head cold.  I'm feeling much better.  My partner has been giving me much TLC.....with caution I must add.  I don't know what's funnier, me blowing my nose every three seconds or him spraying the place with Lysol every time I sneeze.  Either way, Its been quite the sight.

So, I'm just at home on the internet in my PJ's, scratching the five day old scruff on my face, when a cool thought came to me. KEEP THE SCRUFF !

The ultimate taboo for every Black man in America.  I found this article and I had to crack up.
There's lingo that will go way over your head if you aren't part of the club. But its a unique look at how some cultures could get away with the grunge and others will be executed by the fashion police, death by embarrassment.

Lets see how far down the rabbit hole I can take this venture before crying UNCLE!


  1. Keep the scruff! Enjoy the sensations, especially when you see how your partner reacts to the feel of the scruff against his ass!

  2. love the sweetness of your parnter caring of you!!!

  3. I agree with Xersex. How wonderful! And may I say that those lips and beard are hot! I was working on my blog (Guys From Behind) and I now have the thumbnail photos that show up of the most recent image of the blogs I like to the right. Every time I scroll by your link and see that thumbnail pic of those lips and beard, it makes me look again to enjoy! Just wanted to share!

    1. Now I'm Blushing ! Thank you !

    2. As I see with the comments that followed, I am not the only one enjoying the view!

  4. so sexy!!! Gabriel is right!!!

  5. I like the srcuff too. Looks hot, with those sexy lips.


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