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Thursday, March 26, 2015


Special Announcement :

Before I tell you about my latest adventure, I have some good news to share with you.   First I learned how to embed my videos from another platform other than You Tube. Easy task once I learned what the embed button was for. lol Well, better late than never.  
So now I don't have to worry about content issues. I already uploaded one video from the post RAPE HIM ? WTF !  that was previously deleted.

I have many more to upload.  Since I have to search my computer to get my videos back, it may take some time I will get there.


I created another series of writings titled "CHRONICLES OF THE SCRUFFY BLACK GUY."

As you may know, the series "TALES OF MY MISCHIEVOUS
THIRTIES" is an account of events that took place in my thirties.
"CHRONICLES FROM THE SCRUFFY BLACK GUY" will be from my most current encounters.  However I definitely don't have as many stories to tell in my 40s as I do in my 30s due to the fact that I don't hook up as much.  I'm pretty content with my Love at home.  Sorry guys you don't get those stories! That was a specific order from the boss. LOL

Anyway I hope you enjoy both segments.

Now on to the story.

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                                   MORE THAN A MOUTHFUL


Today I had more than a mouthful.

Its been ages since I drove through the old cruise spot (old adult movie theater) so I decided to cruise by just to see what was going on.  Not to long after I get there, a good looking guy comes up and starts checking me out.  He was a forty something year old white guy, clean shaven except for a neatly trimmed grey patch of hair on his chin. 

He wore shades and a baseball cap. I drove my car to the back of the theater.  He soon follows after. "What's up ?" He asked. "Nothing much and you?" I replied.

Guy: Nothing much. What are you looking to get into?

Me: I don't know, what about you?

Guy: Do you like to suck dick?

Me: Yeah and do you?

Guy: Looking to get my dick sucked, maybe suck some dick. You know a place?

We drove about 15 minutes and parked in a secluded area. 
Normally, I mostly top. I'll suck some dick but most of the time guys either want to blow me or I'll get in that ass. So I figured I'd get a nice blowjob and be on my way.

I walk up to his car and I can see his huge bulge in his pants. Maybe he really is looking for a blowjob.

Me: It looks pretty thick.

Guy: It is.

He motioned me to get in the passenger seat.  I get in the car and he brings the driver seat far back and looks at me while he takes out his cock.  THAT FUCKER WAS HUGE ! It was about 8 inches cut and very thick.  It was long and wide and he had light brown crotch hair that was neatly trimmed.  I was so horny.  I gobbled as much of it as I could. It was so hot.  I loved the way he pushed his cock deep in my throat.  He was very firm and assertive to pushing my limits to how far down I could go.  But let me know he was quite pleased
When I did a good job on his cock.  

It was somewhat of a surreal feeling.  Normally I'm the one with my cock deep down a guy's throat and today I'm taking this huge cock in my mouth as he shoves it in me and starts to talk nasty. 

He looks down at me and says,"Yeah ! You're a good cocksucker. You like that in your mouth huh!"  He gives me a grin of approval and then slaps me in the face with his wet, hard dick and tells me to take it.

I don't know what it is.  Something about this guy makes me want to take his cock all day.  Maybe its the fact that I'm always the one in control, I'm always the one that's fucking face or plowing ass.  Maybe being the one to receive gets me off more than I realized.
Maybe it's the take charge masculinity this guy has that makes me want to submit.  Whatever the case, that thick piece of meat  gave me more than a mouthful to handle but I loved every inch of it.

Guy: You have such a hot fucking mouth! You're a good cocksucker.  I want to fuck you. Do you get fucked?

Me: I am usually a top.  But I can bottom.  It just don't happen much.

Guy: why's that?

Me: I don't like how a lot of tops fuck. A lot don't take the time to get me comfortable.  I'm very tight because I don't get fucked.

Guy: If I had you alone for one weekend I'd break you in. You'd definitely be used to being fucked and would love it.  Do you like it raw?

Me: No, I don't bareback.

Guy: Can I come in you mouth?

Me: Sure !

I started to bob up and down and he starts to pump my mouth pretty hard.  It actually felt as if it was getting thicker the deeper he pumped.  He's pumping then easing back giving both him and my mouth a break.  He holds my head down for a few seconds, and then it happens..... I feel a warm gush shoot in my mouth but he doesn't let go.  He keeps my head there and he's still shooting. I try real hard not to swallow but my mouth is getting pretty full.  After a few seconds he lets me up. 

Just as we were done, a couple walks by so I have to hold his jizz in my mouth until they leave.  He looks at me with a grin, grabs the back of my neck and pulls my face close to his lips and says,"Keep that hot load in your mouth boy.  You got to keep me in you for now."  I can see the satisfaction he gets from having his load in my mouth and me not being able to do a thing about it but comply. 

Finally they leave the area.  I look at him and he nods for me to open the door and spit.

Guy: Next time I want that ass.

Me: We just have to find a place.  I can host sometimes.

He asked for my number.  I gave it to him and we parted.  I never expect anything to come from an anonymous hook up nor do I hold my breath.  But who knows?  Maybe in a few weeks you'll be hearing the story of me getting fucked !



  1. Wow...what a hot adventure! Being open to switching things up can definitely have its privileges! Keep us all posted of any encore adventures.

  2. sounds like he hasn't cum for awhile(must be married ;))mine gets big and hard (i think its to hold cum in pussy to help knock a women up)when i dont cum for a while') great story,got me hard-sounded like a hot time! please ,please video it for us if he fucks your ass or even better if you fuck his asshole;") and show us the cum in the rubbers;)you should get off too right ???
    thx for story-i love reading them;)

    1. Wow thanks Anonymous . I'm glad you enjoy my stories. I knew I had many visitors visiting my blog when I looked at the stats. But what's more important to me than stats is hearing from the people who visit and being able to communicate back with them. I want to keep my viewers happy. I don't know how more involved I want to get with recording my experiences on film taking that I do want to keep my anonymity and also It is Way too hard to have good fun when you have a camera in your hand. I tried that before with " Rape Him ? WTF !" very difficult. But who knows........Maybe I'll hire me a horny camera man to shoot while we get busy. LOL Thanks for your input and hope to chat again.

    2. Where do a apply for the cameraman position? LOL!

    3. Well first you have to go through intensive training. You will be "drilled" and tested. Then I have to test to see how limber you are because there will be a lot of bending. Then I you have your prostate exam performed my who else but me. I'm a hands on kind of guy. :-)

    4. Well I understand the importance of the position and want to prove to you that I am THE man for the job. I can provide references to vouch that I know what I am doing and that I am good at it. I believe in working hard to please, especially if the work at hand is hard.

  3. Hey, we may slow down a bit in our 40s, but it's not because we aren't horny, right? We do have to face facts that our youth-oriented culture is a constant and everyone outgrows it.

    1. That is SO true ! I'm not worried about how society responds to me. I'm getting mine. That's all that matters. Right ?? :-)

    2. By the way I LOVED your last post Boner Hardness Quotient. I suggest as many men as possible read that post very informative as well as some sexy mature men. I hope you don't mind. I +1'd it on my google + wall.

  4. so erotic! I can't not swallow!!!! the best cum is the one you can't see!!!
    great story!!!

  5. Wow so erotic. The best cum is the one that just floods everything. Loving this blog


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