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Sunday, March 1, 2015

Do You Want Me to Stay or Not ?

Well as many may know, the ban on porn has been rescinded.  But many have been left in the dark about the change.  Many other bloggers including myself received the letter stating that Google would make private any blogs that violated the new policy.  What they failed to do is send out the statement saying that they would not go on with the ban. Fortunately for those who did receive the second letter, They took it upon themselves to inform as many bloggers as possible about the change.

However there are still a number of bloggers out there ready to move to the competition or abandon their blogs altogether. One would think that if it is communicated that something is going to affect a blogger to the point of leaving and they changed their minds to keep their consumers, that they would communicate to the consumer the incentive to stay???

Just a thought!


  1. I agree with you, Mark. I received the email about the shut down but nothing about the change of mind. I am only going by other articles that I have read that indicate that things will basically continue as usual. I am not sure what the "commercial porn" mention means exactly though. It would be nice to feel that everything is back to before, but I have a feeling that my blogs are still subject to being shut down. I guess I will continue until something happens.

  2. I believe they are going to be cracking down on people who post commercial porn such as Tim tales, next door studios, etc. any site that is considered pay for sight. The best thing would be to find images that are CC also known as Creative Commons. With creative Commons the artist allows others to use his or her work. Some guidelines may apply so it is best to communicate with the artist before posting.Then there's another option...........SHOW ME THAT SWEET ASS ! And let's make some hot porn for those blogs of yours. :)

  3. It IS odd they wouldn't notify all the same people. I may have gotten the second notice because I sent a complaint/question. (I also sent a Thank you for the change of heart.)
    The Commercial Porn policy has been in effect for a couple of years...They don't allow us to have porn advertising links on our free blogs. You may only do that by purchasing a blogspot website - those do not have a "" designation and, therefore, saves them "face."
    But, Mark, I certainly want you to stay!!!

  4. LOL...that is the benefit that you have with being a photographer and having control over your own work. I respect the fact that porn studios want to control their product, but I also think that blogs like those which use images from studios also promote these studios and is free publicity. I would think they could control what is available in the free market and what is not. Maybe I am just a nervous guy afraid that my pipeline is going to dry up! LOL! Guess I better get my ass ready for your camera, Mark!

  5. You both - Mark and Gabriel - can get your asses ready for my camera as well! I think I could manage to show those "places where the sun doesn't shine" in a good light! ...and hopefully the portfolio of my posted work has established my credentials! LOL!
    Seriously, sure hope you keep blogging, Mark! Your original, creative work is great! ...and of course the creative presentation and play that Gabriel brings to his blogs is a delight as well!

    1. I bet you will. I may have to get my ass over there pretty soon! And a three way???? I love thick meat sandwiches !

  6. sure I want you stay!

    here is what I think about the Whole case of blogger - Google


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