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Monday, February 23, 2015

At Least 25 Shades of Disappointment

Guess what movie I saw this weekend !

The movie left at least 25 shades of disappointment and the other 25 of confusion.  I won't say that I hated it, but I will say I had some issues.  First I have to address the "abuse/rape culture" aspect. Many activists complained of the glorification of abuse and rape culture in the book.  I didn't see any scenes that promoted abuse or rape in the movie. (Well there was the scene where he tied her to the bed post, turned her over and roughly penetrated her from behind.  But even with that, she gave consent ??? Question marks because that scene did have some borderline abuse overtones to it. ) I have not read the book so I don't know what took place in the book.  I hear Christian ignored Anastasia's use of the safeword. (Not Good !) That didn't take place in the movie.  And I'm glad it didn't or I probably would have walked out.

The movie in my opinion was so vanilla that I was just about bored to tears.
I consider my occasional practices in BDSM to be very vanilla, yet I can't help but thinking just how slow this movie was.

Other annoyances:

1. I hated how he kept saying that he was going to do this and he wanted to do that to her.  When I'm in the heat of the moment I don't say, "I'm going to F**k you hard" or "I'm going to punish you."  That was just too corny for me.  BDSM is about exploration, pushing buttons and seeing what drives my boy crazy;  Not giving blow by blow commentary.

2. The fact that the camera focused so much on Anestasia's nudity and rarely touch on Christian's nudity showed great sexism in my opinion. Not that I wanted to see him nude, (being a gay man)(he didn't do anything for me.) but the imbalance was quite noticeable.

3. Both were too pretty and too White.  Being a man of color, I know we are out there. Yes, we may be few but even so, when I'm out in the BDSM community I see very few people that looked liked them. Yeah I know they have to make it sexy but another problem is that society only focuses on one group as candidates for being sexy which is not true.

There were more issues, but I don't want to totally bash the movie.  I do think that the fact that this concept was written by a woman helps society see that women are sexual beings just like men and have certain fantasies.  I Don't even have an issue that many women want their man to take totally control in the bedroom.  Their is nothing wrong with being submissive.  But being an object for a man to use  however or whenever is problematic.  And this applies for all types of couples, whether it is a heterosexual, gay or lesbian relationship.

So there you have my take. 

May your shades be more sexy and pleasurable than Grey's


  1. No Mark, what did you Really think? ;-) ♡UB

    1. Yeah I guess I did hold back a little ! LOL

    2. You guys have to keep me up on what's going on with blog
      You do have my email right?

    3. Yes I do have your email and will keep you posted. This whole change in the blogger policy is a mess !

  2. The books were AWFUL, very amateurish. Saw the film and there's no chemistry between the two actors. The film is almost - not quite - but almost as bad as the book. The dialogue is stilted and makes little sense. Ah, well, she's laughing all the way to the bank!

    Our blogs will remain and we may post anything (legal) we wish. It is the Readers who are being denied free access.

    1. Thank you for both your input on the book and movie and thank you TREMENDOUSLY for the info on the status of the blogger policy. Now I guess I have to get all the visitors that visit on a regular to fallow my blog. Well I definitely going to continue following yours and the other guys' blogs although many are already moving to other blogging sites.

  3. New (GOOD) news from Team Blogger in my mailbox. We'll stay open for business.

  4. I enjoyed reading your review. I have not seen the movie, but I do kinda like Jamie Dorman. LOL!


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