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Thursday, January 22, 2015

Tone and Me

Let me tell you about my latest adventure: 

Jan 10, 2015

Saturday 10:00pm

Its 10pm  Saturday.  I'm meeting four of my friends to go out on the Castro.

 I'm not a big party goer but I decided its a new year, I have a free weekend, so why not?  So we meet in front of our usual spot to make our way for our pub crawl.  My plans are to be in by 12:00am at the latest.  Taking that the whole club scene really isn't my thing, I set a strict time limit.  From one club to the next we go hopping.  We stop into one club checking out the half naked go-go boys flirting with anyone who would pay for their jaded jello shots.  The music is as annoying as ever, turning every tune ever created into a techno song.

At the amusement of my party buddies, we cruise our way into yet another crowded twink bar.  I find a seat and order a beer while my friends hit the dance floor.  As I'm enjoying my beer, my eye falls on a young Black guy looking my way.  We make eye contact and smile at each other.  After a few minutes of cat and mouse, I finally make my way up to his seat.

(Me) Hi.

(Guy) Hello there!  How are you this evening?

(Me) Well.  And yourself?

(Guy) Doing good.  So what are you up to?

(Me) Just out with some friends.  I wasn't planning on staying out really late.

(Guy) Oh, why's that?

(Me) I'm not really a party man.  I'm really here to to hang out with my friends for a bit.

(Guy) Oh I see.

(Me) My name is Mark by the way.

(Guy) Tony. Everyone calls me Tone.

(Me) Well nice to me you Tone.

By this time my friends make it back towards me.  The decision was made to go to another bar but we parted for the evening.  One of my friends stated, "We are going to take off.  But you stay here and have your fun," with a smirk on his face.

(Me) Don't worry I will !

Tone smiled sheepishly as I moved in closer.
"So!" He says smiling. "So!" returning the expression.

(Tone) So how old are you?

(Me) Guess.

He guessed 30 which was very flattering but I had to wonder if he was just trying to make me feel good.  We played the guessing game until I finally blurted out 45.

(Tone) Wow!  You look good! 

 I was waiting for the slap in the face, "For you age" which never came.  What a relief!

He told me to guess his age.  I know young when I see it.  I guessed  just one year younger than his real age which was 28.

I could not stop staring into those big brown eyes of his.  He was a beautiful young man.  He had dark brown skin.  His skin was just about the complexion of mine, which is a little darker than medium complexion.  The big difference was just how smooth his skin was. It was like looking at an air brushed painting.  All I could think of was our ebony skin interwined with each other.
His voice was very soft spoken and I could tell he was somewhat shy.  I love a gentle man.  I had to find a way to get him alone.  As I was pondering in my head how I was going to get to fuck this guy, he asked, "Would you like to come over for a bit?  We could get out of this noisy club."  "Sure !" I said.

I follow him back to his place.  Once we get in, he kicks off his shoes and invites me to the couch.  We sit there for about five minutes not saying a word.  We just look at each other waitnig for someone to make the first move.  Suddenly I reach over and kiss him on the lips.  He smiles but says nothing. "You're shy huh?" I declared. "Ugh! I hate that word!" He says loudly.  Even as he smiles I can point out his frustration with what he considers a character flaw. 

(Me) Well I think its sexy.  Lots of men are very insecure and try to cover it up by being something they are not.  You are quiet, gentle and a very sweet man.  And that's what makes you so damn sexy!  

He looks at me with a grin and says something that seems so out of character for a guy like him, "You wanna fuck me.  Don't you?" We both burst out laughing, yet deep down we both know the truth.

(Me) Here! Let me help you relax. I'm going to give you a massage. 

I slowly unbutton his shirt.  "Are you trying to undress me?" he says with a mischievous smile on his face. "No!  I'm a gentleman. I'm not trying to get you naked.  Not yet,"  I say with a smirk.  "Come on take off that shirt." I demand.   He turns his torso away from me so that his back is facing me on the couch.  Slowly I began to massage his back.  I run my fingers gently up and down his spine.  He lets out a moan.  This lets me know that he's starting to relax.  As I continue to rub his back I slowly creep my fingers underneath his under shirt.  As I caress his back underneath the shirt I began to lift the t-shirt off his body.  Now my hands are free to roam his back, torso and chest the way I want to.  I take this time to massage his shoulders.  Running my hands up his waist up around his chest, I feel how perky his nipples are.  I lean my body in closer to him.  I take in the scent of the back of his head running my nose down to his neck.  My dick is throbbing by now.  He grabs the back of my head as to order me to continue to explore his body with my senses.  I wishper in his ear," I want you."  He stands up and guides me to his bed room.  He sits down on the bed.  I follow and gently push him flat on his back and turn him over so that he's on his belly. I climb on top of him and slowly pull his pants down. His ass is like two round brown pillows.   My dick is wet with anticipation.

I pull my pants off and lay on top of him.  Slowly I tease him with my dick playing with his hole, gently pushing my cock at the threshold but not going in.  I was so eager for him.  I needed that beautiful ass and right then and there.  He didn't blow me. I didn't blow him.  We just kissed, looked into each others eyes and knew I would be deep inside him.

(Tone) Come on man ! Give it to me please !

(Me) You want it ?

I take out a condom, I lube up and get his ass ready with some lube.
As I am going in he lets out a moan.  Maybe its pain.  Maybe its pleasure or maybe both.

(Me)You ok? 

(Tone)Yeah baby, take it! Its yours.

He's eager but his hole is tight.  I attempt to ease my way in, but its not happening.  After many attempts I give one good thrust trying not to hurt him too much.  His eyes widen and he lets out a loud yelp.  His body quickly tenses up.  I freeze and let him gain his composure back. "I'm ready," he says.  I slowly begin to pump his beautiful ass with my cock.  

Slowly I pump into him. He's moaning and groaning with pleasure.  There is nothing more hot than hearing a guy moan with pleasure while taking my cock in his ass.  It lets me know that he is into me just as much as I am into him.  As the pain shifts from discomfort to erotic pleasure he encourages me to take it the way I want to.  So with my left hand I grab the back of his head, pushes it into the pillow and hold his right arm so he won't move and start to pump him harder and harder.  He's gripping the sheets and yelling as I'm pinning him in the bed.  He's just there taking every thrust I give him. 

There is a dominant side that comes out when I am deep inside someone as hot as this guy.  So I have to make sure that the power I gain over this guy is not abused and second: I want to make him scream with pleasure, but I don't want to hurt him.  Well I do ! But in a very good way.  :-) 

So I check up to see how he's doing and he tells me, "Take it ! Give it to me how you want.  I want you !"

I grab both his arms behind his back and pound the hell out of him. I was just about to turn him on his back to fuck him face to face but after the last few seconds of violent pumps, he begins to whimper  loudly and his body begins to quiver.  I slow down then finally stop. As I check to see how he is, I notice a small white puddle on the bed with jizz still oozing out of his cock.  I made him cum without him even touching himself! True story! 

I've actually had that happen twice in my life and this was the third time. 

He collapses on the bed and I straddle on top of him and begin to stroke until I spew all over that brown ass of his. I fall on him spent, as he lay there with a smile. We look at each other and snuggle and kiss for the longest time. 

 I must say that was the best part about going out that evening; being able to meet a hot man with a beautiful smile and a tight sweet hole. He really made my evening. We exchanged numbers. 
I hope to be able to make him come again. And again. And hopefully even again !


  1. Great story, Mark! Your writing skills match your image making skills! Hot guy...hope you connect again!

  2. Mark, I agree with Luke that your writing skills are excellent and I felt I was there with you. Sounds like it was a great experience and I hope the two of you have more fun and be sure to tell us all the details!

  3. Well, what **I** hope is to not only read more stories about you and this guy, but to see some PHOTOS of this dude! Get that camera out, Mark - - then write about it and show us!

    1. Must Agree
      SHOW & TELL
      Truly hot story Bravo!

    2. Gentlemen,
      Next time I get together with him, I will pitch the idea to him. A lot prefer not to, but some would agree. I will ask and see what happens. UB long time no see ! I missed you. Good to see you Sir.

    3. Trust me I've been following just in a "stealth" mode ;-)

  4. This is the reason I enjoy going out in WeHo. I love men and sex, and you never know where the night may lead. I'm muscular myself, but prefer pretty boy twinks first and fore most. Nothing like fucking there little bubble butts. Very hot story definitely enjoyed hearing it.

    1. Thanks for visiting. That was definitely a pleasant surprise. I happen to like all kinds: twinks,muscle guys,older thick, thin. and yes getting in a tight bubble butt is AMAZING ! Sounds like you got it made. Living right in the action and being as fit as you are, I'm sure you have an ample supply of BOOTY on your menu. BTW you have an excellent blog A Boy's Life
      . I look forward to some recent updates. I'll be waiting. :-)


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