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Thursday, January 29, 2015



It's a Saturday night at the local bar.  As usual I'm cruising the spot and checking out the eye candy.  The music is nice and there's an okay crowd, but I won't be satisfied until I make a connection.  Its about 11:30pm.  There's a nice sized crowd at this time, however I have yet to find that person that I am interested in.

About 12:15am I go check out the the play area.
There's no one in there that I'm interested in so I go in the bar to have a seat.  As I'm sitting there relaxing, I notice a guy checking me out from across the room.  He's about thirty- something; a White dude with dark brown hair and a dark brown goatee that has a hint of salt and pepper.  He looks very masculine.  Every now and then I would gaze his way.  Every time I did, he made it known he was checking me out.  He had the most intent look on his face like a hunter hunting his prey.  After a few minutes of eye contact he came my way.

(Guy) Wasup!

(Me) Wasup!

(Guy) Not much just out looking for something or someone to get into!

(Me : smiling) Really?

(Guy) Really!

(Me) Hmmm,

(Guy : Yelling to the bartender) Yo Jay!

(Jay) Hey babe !

(Guy) Get this fine gentleman a..

(Me) Bud

(Guy) Bud !?? (laughing)  Your gonna need more than a bud !

(Me) Why's that?

(Guy) Let's just say you'll wish you had something stronger once I get up in you.

He and the bartender let out an impish laugh as they size me up and down.  Obviously he's a
regular in the bar.  And like most guys who  are "Tops," he likes to brag about his manhood in front of his buddies.

(Jay) So what should we get this young buck?

(Guy: Standing up and grabbing his crotch. And I must say quite an impressive package.) What do
you think?

(Jay) Maybe a mild sedative!

(laughter between the two)

( Me) So you think you got it like that?

(Guy) You know what I do to my bois?

(Me) What?

(Guy) I take them over my knee and spank them till their asses are burning red, strap them to my bed and I fuck em!  I fuck em deep and hard. And I don't stop till I know I made them my bitch!

I have to say that even though I am predominately top and I strongly believed he was full of bullshit, I found myself getting aroused thinking about it.  

At this time I was about 90% top which meant there was still 10% that was interested in what he had to say.  And any top that says they aren't the slightest intrigued with how other tops fuck or what its like to be on the receiving end even for a moment, is a liar!

(Me) Well I'm also a top.  And I'm not gonna be made into nobody's bitch!

(Guy) You could be my boy.

(Me) How bout I blow you, you blow me, we're cool?

(Guy) There will only be one Top tonight!

(Me: I begin to walk off) Thank you for the drink.

(Guy) Wait! Come here! lets talk.

He guides me to the back room and begins to unbutton my shirt.

(Me)  Not here.

(Guy) Come back to my place.. I got a hotel room a few blocks down.

I follow him back to his room. He locks the door.

(Guy) Get on your knees!

I know if I got on my knees and started to blow him first, my chance of receiving the favor would be out the door.

(Me) Why don't you suck ME for a bit first?

He gets behind me and walks me to the mirror.  I look at the reflection of the two of us, noticing how his tall frame shadows my whole body.  He begins to pull my pants down.

(Guy) You know you want it.  I know you want it.  So stop pretending! You're gonna get on that bed and take this cock up your ass!  And you're gonna be my bitch tonight.

This guy had it all, he was tall, strong, handsome and had a really nice sized dick.  This guy could have easily had me screaming face down biting his pillow and I probably would have loved it.  But he was SO DAMN ARROGANT!
He literally wreaked of it .

(Me) You can either suck my dick and I suck yours or I fuck you!  What's it gonna be?  

As a matter of fact I'm looking to get blown a bit before I plow into some tight ass.  So is it gonna be your ass or am I going to find someone else to fuck tonight?

(Guy) I'll blow you a bit .  But I don't think I'm .....

(Me : push him down on his knees) shhhhh!! Get on your knees.

He starts to sheepishly blow me.

(Me) You can do better than this! Hands behind your back. (One of my favorite commands.)

(Pulling out a handkerchief  out my back pocket)  (Me) Close your eyes.

(Using the handkerchief as a blind fold.)

He begins sucking me with more enthusiasm.  The blindfold takes away all the distractions.

Now I can begin to thrust a little in his mouth. He begins to stroke himself.

(Me) Did I say stroke yourself?

(Guy : Shaking his head) UM UM !

(Me) Stand up.

Slowly I guide him down on his knees at the edge of the bed, pull his pants and undies off and I bend him over the mattress.

(Me) Hands behind your back.

I pick up his pants from off the floor and get his belt. I tie his hands behind his back with his belt. Its a leather belt which is a little hard to tie, but I make due with what I got.

So you like to spank guys huh ??

(Guy) Yeah.


(Guy) Oww!

(Me) What? You never been spanked before?

(Guy) I usually do the disciplining.

(Me) Everyone needs discipline.  How can you discipline someone if you never been disciplined yourself?  No need to answer that.  As a matter of fact there's no need for you to talk anymore!

I get my underwear from off my pile of clothes and place it in his mouth as a gag.

(Me) Listen carefully. Nod your head yes if you are ok. Nod your head no if you need me to slow down or stop. Understand?

He nodded yes.

I began to slowly tap his butt with my hand and increased the pressure with each smack.  After about 5 minutes of ass smacking discipline and dirty talk, I untie his hands and take the gag out of his mouth and gently massage his back and butt. He let's out a big sigh. I cuddle with him for a few minutes on the ground.  With blind fold still on, I guide him on the bed so he can relax.  I spoon with him for about 10 minutes.  At this point he is relaxed and almost nodding to sleep.  I get up and start to prepare.  He's on cloud nine chilling blindfolded and has no idea that he's about to get a big surprise.

He's laying on his belly resting when I climb on top of him.

(Me) Hands behind your back!

Again I tie his hands up and place my drawers deep in his mouth to muffle the noise.
At this point its hard to tell what his expression is with the blindfold and gag.  But he's squirming and making noises as if he's very anxious almost in a slight state of panic .

I got my condom on and very lubed up.  Now its time to lube him up.  He seems very nervous about having his ass lubed, but at this point I'm going to give him this dick and he's going to take it.  That ass is mine!

I can see his nerves twitching in his upper thighs. I can tell he's freaking out a bit so I slowly place the tip in and whisper in his ear,"Its o.k. just relax. Breathe." I can tell he's not used to being submissive but I finally get his state of mind into being my boy. As I push the head deeper in his hole, he begins to moan like crazy!  "You ok ?"  He nods yes. Slowly I go inch by inch.  I give a good thrust to get through.  He lets out a muffled yelp in which I give him a moment to recover from.  After awhlie I'm thrusting into his hole and he's moaning and groaning. In the heat of the moment he breaks out of the belt tie and grabs hold of the sheets.  By this time I take the gag out and remove the blindfold.  Out of his mouth comes the sounds of him wailing and moaning.  The sight of seeing him in both pleasure and pain sends me into a fucking frenzy.  I thrust as deep and hard as his sounds of agony will allow me.

At this point I'm seeing how he's doing.  But he's so into moaning and hollering he doesn't hear a word I'm asking him.

(Me) How you doing ?

(Guy:  Heaving breathing and panting.)

(Me) You want me to stop?

(Guy) No response

(Me )You want some more?

(Guy) Ahhh ! Ahhh ! Ooh ! Ahhh!

(Me: Slowing down) I need for you to tell me what you want. You ok? You want some more ?

(Guy: shaking his head yes.)  Oh yeah!

I begin to really plow into him.  His hole got me real close. I start pumping into him and he begins to whimper really loud.  He's definitely at his breaking point.  I give a few hard thrusts as I shoot.  He lets out a high pitched scream and his body goes into an uncontrollable tremble.  He's had enough! And just in time for me to release my load! At this time I cuddle up and carres him to calm down the shaking.  His shallow breaths finally begin to slow down.  I spoon with him for a few minutes.  I kiss him on the neck he looks over his shoulder and smiles in both pleasure and amazement.

As we are getting dressed, very little is spoken.  I asked, "So? "

(Guy) I had a great time.  It was definitely different.  But it felt great in a unique stange way.
By the way Don't mention....

(Mark) Don't worry your secret's safe with me. No one will know you took it up the butt!
(Both; Laughing)

(Guy) who knows I may have to give you a call sometime.

We exchanged numbers and hooked up two other times.  All three times he made himself submissive to me.  That was quite a compliment coming from a Dominate Top. I would often see him at the bar bragging to his friends about his "Manhood" and with a smile in the corner thinking to myself, "If you only knew!"


  1. Replies
    1. I don't see that guy around anymore but every blue moon when I go out I still see the same two guys he used to hang out with. Some things never change.

  2. I was reading, I wasn't sure where the story was going exactly. That was hot!

    1. Believe me I didn't know where the story was going either when it was happening. Like I said,he could have easily had my face down,plowing my ass if he played his cards right. I've had a good amount of total tops bottom for me; not by a power struggle, but by getting the guy's mind to that point where he wants to submit.He almost had me,but arrogance will throw me off every time.

    2. I agree with you, arrogance is a flat turn off for me. I was so aroused though hearing how well you turned the tables that time. Very hot story.

    3. I agree with you, arrogance is a flat turn off for me. I was so aroused though hearing how well you turned the tables that time. Very hot story.

  3. I thought the rule was "he who has the biggest dick is the top," which is why I'm always the bottom. So this story just made my morning wood situation even more pressing. Whoa. Great story!

  4. Left me thinking at first, that maybe, just maybe, he was a str8 dude looking for some fun.

    1. My philosophy on that situation is if you are doing anything sexually with a man you aren't really "straight." But that's just my opinion. Maybe bi curious or whatever. But once your dick goes into someone other than a woman or if a man goes into you,and you enjoy it enough to continue in that behavior, straight is probably not the term. Either way we had a great time.

  5. Great post! I am not into this whole thing of a guy being "only a TOP" I have found that most of them would eally like a good Dick up their ass,but are ashamed to admit it!

    1. I don't EVEN know why that is. I have to admit It, I wouldn't mind having a thick one in me every now and then If the Tops knew what the hell they were doing. Sex is a combination of both the body and mind. There are VERY FEW Tops able to get me to that place that I want to bottom for them. A lot of it has to do with the pleasure being for themselves and not caring about the pleasure of their partner. And like you mentioned;being ashamed of getting it up their butt is a turn off for me too. If a guy is "ashamed" to bottom, it lets me know that he is immature and caught up in this whole Top, macho bullshit.

      There are guys that are total Tops that have totally dominated me in the bedroom. Just thinking about those guys makes me hard. But those are the ones that posses a sexual control over me because they know how to push those buttons. They have taken the time to discover what those buttons are.

      The reason why I am a Top mainly is because the Tops today just don't take the time to discover what those buttons are.


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