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Saturday, January 3, 2015

I Love Seamen
A Tribute to Sexy Sailors




  1. wow...such a sexy guy!
    Like I mentioned on another blog....he would be so much more sexy if his Pubes were not trimmed down to almost nothing.

    1. That seems to be the wave of the future ! I can understand trimming a bit for bush control but almost off is a little much. He did grow it out a bit more for our shoots . I do shoot a variety from no pubes to bushy for variety. Me myself I like a guy with some hair . It sets my juices flowing. But trust me wouldn't throw a guy like him out of bed .That whole package is a tantalizing treat. BJ If you ever venture to our side CALL ME ! lol

  2. Glad you like it. Thanks for visiting. Also thanks for adding me to your blog list Callipygian Male . I am definitely a fan of your blog. I added you to my blog list. Happy New Year !

  3. Sailors, and as I found out Airmen are sexy as fucking hell. And horny as fucking hell! Many of them were down for a mutual jack session as the circle jerks attested. Happy New Year, Mark! Stay safe, happy, and healthy!!

  4. That hot ass in that jock is my favorite, but I also like that laid back look a lot too. Naval salute to Mark! LOL!

    1. Hot asses in jocks is what gets me going. that's why I keep coming back to your blogs.

  5. Very fine set of images, Mark; well rendered monochromatic forms. First is an outstanding composition. Favorite - for me - totally enjoy the hot ass pose. After getting to the last image, can't help but think of the appropriateness of punning "seamen" and "semen"! Great set!

    Source of inspiration for me to see these beautiful sets!


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