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Thursday, November 6, 2014

On Your Back: Legs Open Wide or
Face Down Buried In The Pillow

I love to fuck !  There are very few men, gay or straight, I met that don't.  However, for those few that are out there, we welcome you to the join the topic anyway, because whether you are a Top, Bottom Versatile or none of the above, we all enjoy some form of sexual intimacy and we all have our favorite positions.

For me, I am 90% Top.  I don't consider myself a Versatile Top because the average of me getting fucked is usually once every year and a half.  Talking about being a tight ass !  LOL 

When I'm with a hot stud there are various positions I like.

Legs open wide, hairy hole begging to be fucked as he's staring in lust is always a big turn on !

But there is something about getting a guy on his belly, face down, with his ass ready to be plugged as he grips the bed sheets. Yes This is my favorite position.

This position allows me to be more in control.  It gives me the ability to really thrust my meat deep inside him and It gives me direct access to his hole.

There are other fun positions like spooning and legs over the shoulders. But the one that gets me the horniest is Face down no doubt.


What are your favorite positions when fucking or being fucked ?
Why ?


  1. I love it when I can wrap my legs around your neck and pull your beautiful eyes near me so you can kiss me while pounding my ass ;-0

    1. Alright then ! My Number is ......... LOL

    2. My next favorite is me sitting on your dick while mine bounces up and down slapping on your belly

    3. OOOOH ! That's one o my least favorites. But hey everyone's different. I lose my erection when a guy is on me like that. I think its an underlining fear of getting my penis broken. LOL

    4. I promise to be gentle especially at first
      Would not hurt your "Tower of Power"
      Just ride it like a pony
      And let you cum all over me while I spew my spunck all over your hard abs and clean it off with my tongue ;-P

    5. Well, when you say it like that...........

  2. My first wife loved, I mean LOVED, getting fucked in the ass. Spooning, it was slow and it was sweet. If I was into fucking guys, I'd guess I'd have to say from behind. The one and only time I fucked a man, he was on his hands and knees begging me to fuck him. I got so turned on by that, I rammed my cock in. After about 5 real forceful thrusts I pulled out, ripped off the condom and shot my load all over his back. It was really quite an experience, but I was so disappointed in myself for cumming so fast, I've never done it since.

    1. WOW ! So do you think you are Bi-sexual or Maybe Bi -Curious ? I think the excitement of doing something different and maybe the fact that it was your first time with a guy may have been why you were so turned on and came so quickly. No need to be disappointed in something that made you feel good. I would love to chat with you. I am always curious about a Straight / Bi / Bi curious guy's perspective.

  3. Excellent post, Mark! Love the images of did a great job selecting the setting, then eliciting a relaxed, intimate sense of this man. Red shirt and warm lighting further enhance this sense. Plus, prone shot well displays that beautiful ass!

    Prone, with butt raised for easy access (eating and fucking) is my preference, top or bottom. However, standing in the shower is also a favorite...enjoy that dick to butt contact between slippery bodies!

    1. Luke, I read your comment about the shower and I have to agree. Hot soapy bodies are great and a nice way to slide in deep. Mark, I have to say that it also depends on my mood. If I am in a romantic mood, it is all about face to face. If I am in a horny, let's do it mood, I like to mount a guy on all fours. May I choose C) All of the Above?

  4. Gabriel
    I'm kinda confused
    Could you please provide some Visual Aids
    Hopefully staring you ;-P ♡ UB

  5. I really like it face down/ass up. I like being "taken" and feeling like I'm being used by the top for his pleasure. Plus, that position allows me to stroke myself - something I can't do laying on my belly.


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