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Thursday, October 30, 2014


This post contains a set of images of MIKE the gentleman from my previous post "Good Night".
Shot January, 2014:

Keeping in line with the "Couch's Men Of Leather Month," Mike  agreed to try on a variety of sexy things for the shoot.  Being straight, I was concerned that he would not be as erotically charged as some of my gay subjects. However we came up with some hot images.  He tried on various underwear and clothing, but nothing got him more excited than when I put him in my leather. 

Maybe he's a biker at heart or a Leather Daddy and just don't know it yet ! Lets hope for the latter.

Giving you a teaser of our future Scruff Daddy.

Click on "Read More" for more images from this shoot.

 He answered an add I had online for a photographer looking for nude male models.  He sent a picture with him in some jeans and a white tee shirt. Though the pictures were simple self snaps, I knew what he had underneath those clothes would be sizzling !

Mike :
Thank you very much for your consideration, I will be able to work whenever you need me. Let me know when you are ready for me. I can also send current pics if you need them. 

Me: Yes I am very interested in working with you. Let's exchange numbers so we can go over details.

He came to my place for the first photo session which was more of a test shoot. Basically I asked him to take his clothes off and turn around to see what I was working with.  I must say I was quite impressed with what I saw !

Test shoot powered by XTube

 We set up time to meet for the session .

I was looking for a more interesting location to shoot than just my place so I rented a hotel room. 

First thing he does when he gets to the room is flop on the bed face down.  Such a normal and innocent gesture. But for me I had some very dirty scenarios playing in my head ! He somewhat giggled when I ran to start snapping him laying on the bed, probably thinking,  "This guy is nuts !" But I learned early in my days that some of the best moments are the ones that aren't planned.




His face lit up like a kid in a candy store when he saw the leather riding chaps and vest. "No fucking way !" he exclaimed. "These are hella cool!" He really liked the look on him, although he felt like he was going to die in all those tight clothing. I got a few good shots before he was ready to jump out of the wardrobe.  I may never get him in those tight ass chaps again.  But I have some fond memories and images of that sexy ass filling those pants quite well !

Slipping out of his chonies, I just had to get a shot of the view.


           Trying them on for size



  1. Looks like he did well. I so do love men who are not ashamed of their packages.

  2. Really good energy, here, Mark....enjoying this post a lot! No question about it, Mike looks great in those chaps, from front and back! Also, really like the shots where he's on his back, pulling off pants and briefs; the latter shot - yielding a hot view of his ass - is my favorite! Great context and story line!


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