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Thursday, September 11, 2014




Jumped in the shower
Dried off
Put my plain white tee shirt on
Leather vest
Put comfortable yet bulge revealing blue jeans on
Trimmed my goatee -( Didn't have to trim nose hairs
We're talking bout 8 years ago in my thirties. Didn't have to worry bout that then.)
Brush my buzz cut
Black ball cap
Put on my black Leather boots with the buckle



Picked up keys, headed to the Loading dock in South of Market.


Walked into the bar and order a beer.

The atmosphere is dark.  Not a bad turn out. The crowd is a little thin downstairs but there are plenty of hairy muscle bears, otters, Daddies, and Daddy's bois to enjoy as eye candy.
I was even lucky enough to spot two other brothas in the place besides me !


Finished my beer and got ready to cruise the place.  The thing I loved about this bar is that you didn't have to pretend like you wanted to start a deep conversation , blah , blah, blah or play this cat and mouse game of is he interested or not.  The guys here were just as horny as I was and it showed on their faces.  Everyone wore a hard-on their sleeves....(O.k. corny play on words. But real all the same.)


I spot one of the Black guys that I saw earlier.  He was about 5'8" to 5'9" medium complexion with dreads.  I go up and introduce myself.  Within 3 minutes he lets me know he's only interested in White dudes.  No problem : We all have our preferences!  A large part of my experience with other Black guys is that they preferred Whites to Blacks, which, again was no problem.  Being the international lover I am, I've been fortunate to appreciate many cuisines of the male spectrum.  And it never failed.  Being one of the few Black guys that visited, these White dudes would be on me like white on rice.  


I make my way upstairs where the real crowd is. 

To the left:  A guy bent over another guy's knee getting spanked bare ass.

To the right: is a dude dressed in leather head to toe walking his "pup" on a leash.

In between are circles of guys blowing and being blown and a guy with his pants below his ankles getting plowed against the wall.  Every thrust was like pounding a nail into the wall. That had to hurt, not only for his ass but for his whole front body that was being pounded against it.

The smell of leather, spit and all other bodily excretions were heavy in the air.  

Being so mild mannered, my friends would shit bricks if they knew this side of me.  What attracted me to these places?  All I can say is that we all have a Dr. Jeckle and Mr. Hyde. Tonight Mr. Hyde was 
looking for his fuck toy.

Walking through the room I got stopped twice by two different guys who were looking to fist.  After making it known that NOTHING was going up my ass, I was complimented on how nice my hands looked. "Yep ! Time to go !" As I headed downstairs the 

2nd Black guy made eye contact with me.  He was very hot but much taller than the other Black guy. he stood at least 6'2' with some killer biceps.  As hot as he was I really had my eyes on the other guy. He had those beautiful long dreads that I would have loved to have pulled while drilling deep from behind.  And plus he was just the right size to man handle.  The 6'2" guy was hot but definitely not one I would be able to throw around in bed.  

 After getting cruised by 6'2" (we'll just call him that since we never introduced ourselves.) I decided to turn back around to the upstairs play pen.

I find my spot where I decide to nest and observe the activities going on around me.  After about 10 minutes 6'2" comes and stands from a distance grabbing and rubbing his crotch that was growing.

He finally comes my way and sits down.  We smile at each other, not saying a word.  I reach my arm behind his neck and start to massage the back of his neck with my fingers.  He closes his eyes and drifts off into another world.  

One thing I enjoy most is touch and the erotic tension that leads up to the fun stuff so I continued to massage his neck down to his back then back up to his neck.
I turn his head so he's looking at me. We are sitting side by side on the bench. I place my hand on the back of his shaved head and massage it with my fingers. Exploring his face with my fingers I trace my fingers over his eye brows, down to his cheeks to his gotee where I gently pull and play with his facial hair and touch his lips. I stay right in his mouth area and continue to play with his gotee and lips.  He slightly  opens his mouth when my fingers probe his lips. He begins to suck on my fingers as he stares into my eyes with lust.  At this time, I'm rock hard.  I remove my fingers from his mouth and gently grab the back of his head and guide his face down to my crotch.

By this time my cock is very uncomfortable in my jeans as I am rock hard.  But I keep it in my pants.  If he wants it he knows what to do.  He will work for it if he really wants to get it.

Finally He gets down to the tent in my pants and slowly runs his face up and down my hard bulge.  He unbuttons my pants and takes in the scent of my cock through the underwear that now has a wet tip.  Up and down he sniffs my tool.  Finally he takes my cock out of my drawers.   I raise my hips up to get the pants and drawers down around my ankles.  Now on his knees, he looks into my eyes as I grab the back of his head and pushes him into my cock.  He opens wide and begins to suck on my dick. 

His mouth is warm and he sucks it well.   At one point he began to come up and I pushed his head back down.  Normally I wouldn't do this if I didn't know the person well enough, but tonight, I'm going to test to see how far I can go with him.  Again he attempts to raise his head up but I hold his head back down.  By now he's gagging and gobs of spit is spewing out the side of his mouth.   Slowly I began to stand up  making sure my cock doesn't leave his mouth so that I'm standing and he's on his knees like a good cocksucker should be.

(Me: whispering in his ear) Where you going !!? Get back here.  You'll get up when I say so. Understood ?

( With mouth filled with dick and spit he nods his head to the best of his ability)  UMM HMM !

(Me) Good boy !

He looked up with watery eyes and drool running down his chin. Then I pulled out.   He gasps for air as if being under water for a long time.  I give him about 20 seconds to catch his breath.   I smile at him, he smiles back .  

 I'm thinking to myself, "This guy's loving it ! " I knew without a doubt that he would.  This guy is 6'2", twice my size and could crush me like a grape if he wanted to.   But I got him right were I want him because deep down inside every lion wants to be tamed.   It doesn't matter how big or small his tamer is.   If the tamer has the confidence and mental capacity to dominate the lion, he will submit. 
And since 6'2" was willing to take it, I was willing to give it.  

Back into his mouth, I slid as much of me as he could take.  At this point I have both hands around his head as I start thrusting my meat faster and with more force down his throat.  the gargling and gagging gets louder and louder the harder I thrust.  With most places like this, small crowds start to join in. It started with the older White guy who was probably in his 70's trying to stick his finger up my butt. Then a hairy muscle bear starts fondling me which I didn't mind because he was HOT ! But it still was a distraction from what I was focusing on. Then there's two other guys that stand next to me with their dicks waving in 6'2's face like they're in line to be serviced.  I don't recall inviting a gang-bang but these guys were assertive.  Finally I take my cock out of his mouth.  He looks up as if he were waiting for me to say something.  I bend over and whisper, " Its getting crowded. let's go somewhere else."

We find a corner that's dark with still a lot of people, but they are not concerned with what we're doing because they're doing their own thing.  Instantly he drops to his knees. 

Not once since the whole time we been playing has he stroked his dick or even taken it out. Talking about self control ! But it was apparent that he was horny as hell by the bulge and big wet stain seeping through his pants.

He mumbles as I'm fucking his face.

(6'2")  URR MMM  AAHH UMM !

I took my cock out of his mouth so he could speak more clearly.

(ME) What was that ??

(6'2" panting and wiping the drool from his mouth) Can I stroke my cock SIR ?

(Me) Sure !

I was never a big fan of role play but hearing a guy call me SIR while on his knees is an arousing experience.  And to be in control of his cock is even hotter.

So he pulls out his tool and it is quite impressive !  It is a little thicker than mine and maybe 2 inches longer.  After admiring his dick, Its back to business. I allow him to stroke for about  1minute and then:

(Me) Hands behind your back !

(6'2") Yes SIR !

I began to fuck his face forcefully. I was very close. I started to pump his throat like a mad man. 
He's gagging and spiting like crazy.

(Me) I'm close ! You want it !!??

There was no way he would be able to answer as much as I was pumping him.  But the fact that he discarded my orders and began stroking himself lead me to believe that he was ready for my load.
after shooting my load in his mouth, he stroked himself to an oblivion with his face leaning against my torso.   He let out a loud yell and spewed all over my leather boots !

That was the sexiest mess I ever seen on my gear !

I had some fun times at that place.  To me that was and always will be the best cruise spot in SF !


  1. Oh my god! Came without touching myself! HOT STUFF my man {:-p

    1. I have to admit I kept getting a full hard on typing it. Anyone who's been around when that place was open knows just how off the hook it was.

  2. Mark...that was a hot story. I loved all of the detail like the neck massage and all of the erotic touching leading up to an intense session. Wow, I am so hard right now! Loved it!

  3. Hot. I've never experienced a place quite like that - I've fantasized about them, though!

    1. Places like that are almost extinct. Even in the bay area, there are less places . A lot of bars are closing, laws are tightening up and less people going out due to the internet. Times are definitely changing .

  4. Whew - that was a very hot story! I was both hard and leaking by the time I finished. I was out that way a couple times and when I was there I visited the bath house that was on Market near the Castro. I was late meeting my friend one night because I was having such a good time in the bath house!

  5. Arousing tale, Mark, and very well told! I felt like I was walking along side you, savoring the experience! Your story telling and photographic skills are well matched....looking forward to more of both!

    (Inadvertently posted this to your previous clearly belongs here!)


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