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Friday, August 22, 2014


I must say my most adventurous times sexually was in my thirties.
It was a time when I came out to family and also a time when I  discovered
the nightlife of the gay world.

In that discovery came tales of hook-ups with various guys of all ages, backgrounds and races.
Some were good.  Some were not so good.  But all of them were experiences that helped formulate the ideas and attitudes I have today.  Lets start with how I discovered my identity as a Top.

I was 29yr old. I had no car at the time.  My main transportation was the bus.  I just got off the bus going home from work when I decided to stop by a nearby park restroom to take a piss.  At this time I had no idea about cruising.  I was I sexually active three times before but wasn't familiar with cruising public places.

So, I'm at this urinal and there's this good looking red head dude using the one down from me.  As usual I would try to keep my eyes straight ahead while occasionally  taking a glance next to see what I could of the other guy's dick without being obvious.  I would sneak my eyes to the left to try to get a view.  Slowly turning my head to get a better view, at the same time, he turned his head and looked straight at me.  "Oh Shit !" I thought to myself I got so busted !  He then takes about five steps back while pissing, aiming for the urinal target.  I turned and looked.  Never have I seen anyone do that before.  Nor have I ever been so turned on by a guy taking a piss before.  I found myself getting semi hard.  I quickly put it back in my pants and headed toward the exit when I heard, " HEY !" 

I turned and looked.  There's this guy standing there with his dick out.  By this time he stopped pissing and was facing me.

He was still dripping small drops of piss as he looked at me with a horned up smirk on his face.  I stood there mesmerized while taking the sight in.

He was about 5' 10" my height with red hair and fair skin, short crew cut, clean shaven.  His crotch had a deep red tone to it.  It was kind of darker than on his head.  His dick was getting plenty hard. It was thick with a pink tip.

"Wassup!" He said.  I didn't respond I was too shocked and in a state of lust to move my lips.  "Wussup ! " he repeated, "Can you talk ? " he joked with a smile.

Me: Oh I'm sorry I didn't mean to stare. I was just.... uhh using the bathroom. 

Guy: I see . Looks like you are ready for more than just taking a piss. (pointing to the bulge growing in my pants.)

By this time his thick red meat was standing completely at attention.  He motions his finger for me to come closer with a friendly inviting smile.  I accept the invitation.  

We both stand there for about two minutes not saying anything :
Him, with a mischievous smile on his face, and me with a look of both astonishment and horror. 

(Guy) Well ?

Me: Well ?

(Guy) You wanna touch it ?

Almost instantly I grab his pink tool and start stroking it. I stroke him for about 3 minutes which felt like 3 hours. He looks at me and I look at him.

(Guy) Wanna taste it ?

I just stand there in astonishment.

(Guy) Its o.k.

He pushes down on my shoulders gesturing me to kneel.  I lower to my knees and look up at him as he gently places his warm cock in my mouth.  As soon as I taste his thick tool I let out a moan as if I had tasted the finest dessert ever. His tool was thick and s tuffed my mouth pretty good.  There was no way I would be able to go all the way down on it, but I had a great time trying. With spit and drool running down my chin, I gobbled up as much as I could. After a few minutes my jaw began to hurt and I pulled away.  As I did so, I quickly came to the realization where I was ; A dirty bathroom that was public at that. I told him I had to go.

(Guy) Wait ! I gotta place !

(Me) I got no car.

(Guy) I'll give you a ride and take you were you need to be.

We get to his place.  Its not a bad little apt.  Clean and neat, but It didn't matter what it looked like. I wanted to get back to that dick.
We make our way toward his room . He tells me to make myself comfortable while he uses the restroom.  As I look around I see a closet door semi opened. In the front is leather chaps and a leather vest hanging up.  At this point I had no idea about leather as play, I just knew seeing him in it would be hot as hell.

 He comes back. 

(Guy) So what do you get into ?

(Me) Umm, I dunno.

(Guy) I knew this was your first time ! (grinning )

(Guy) Don't worry you'll have a great time.  So I guess asking if you are a top or bottom is mute.

(Me) Top or bottom ?

(Guy) (laughing) Top means you like to fuck.  Bottom means you like to get fucked. The way you were sucking on my dick I will say bottom.  But that's for you to decided.

We stripped down and I went down on him again.  After a few minutes He returns the favor.  It felt amazing ! He takes my cock out his mouth, turns me around, pushes me on the bed face down and starts chowing down on my asshole.  I don't think I've ever been as loud as that time with him.  I moaned in ecstasy while his tongue went in and out and all around my butt.

(Guy) We're gonna let you know what its like to be a bottom.

(Me) I don't know if its gonna work. I've had three different guys try but I couldn't get loose or relaxed enough.

(Guy) So this isn't your first time ! (with a grin)

(Guy) So did you fuck them if them ? 

(Me) No. We just sucked each other.

(Guy) Don't worry . You just need a good teacher.
Now relax ! breathe.  I'm not going in. I'm just going to play with it a little.

(me) You can't even get a......

(Guy) SHHH ! Just relax.

He begins to give me the most gentle and erotic massages I ever had in my life.  At this time I'm on cloud nine.  He caresses up and down my thighs, going higher as he reaches my butt.  He opens my cheeks and gently plays with my hole still coaching me to relax. Taking some lube he rubs and pokes until he has his index finger all the way in. 

(Guy) I got one finger in .

(Me) NO!

(Guy) Yes ! its in. how do you feel ?

(me) great !

Doing the same thing he coaxes another finger in. and then another until he has four fingers in my butt hole ! 

I was in disbelief until he told me he was going in with his dick.  Quickly I tense up as he grabs lube, condom and climbs on top of me. 

(Guy) Relax ! Breathe ! You're doing fine.

(me) (breathing heavy)

(guy) You got it !  Just follow my instructions.  As I go in you push out.

After a few minutes of coaching he was all the way in ! It was painful, but it was the most pleasurable pain I ever felt !

After about five minutes of slow pumps he began to pound my ass like a jack hammer.  Never have I experienced such intensity in my life. After about 15 minutes of stretching my hole, he pulls out and says, " Now we're gonna let you know what its like to be a top ."
He smiles at me and gives me a wink.  He was the most patient man I ever met.  Not only was he patient with me as a bottom but he was equally paitent with me to the point of showing me how to put on a condom. So I wrap up. But I'm not ready to fuck him yet. I wanted to show him as much pleasure as he showed me.  I told him to turn around and lay face down.  Never have I eaten anyone's ass before but the sight of his pink hole surrounded by strawberry blond butt hair got me more than horned up.

I reach down deep in his ass and he begins to moan and yell.

(Guy) Yeah Man !

I assumed he was loving it according to his dirty talk.  The more he moaned the hornier I got.  I couldn't wait any more ! 

(Me) I have to have that hole ! And I need it now !

(Guy) Take it !

I mimicked everything he  did to me. I waited for him to to get comfortable and slowly stroked in and out until he said, " Take it !"
I pumped his hole nice and hard. He grabbed the bed sheets and began to whimper. I slowed down to a near halt.

(Me) Are you o.k ?

(Guy) Yeah baby! Take that ass ! Its yours.

I fucked him doggie, on his back. We spooned while I was up in it; every position you could imagine. 

(Me) Oh yeah ! Oh FUCK ! 

He knew I was going to cum. The closer I got to climax the more wild I became. I wanted to pull his hair like I've seen in the porn  movies, but it was too short.  So I did the next best thing.  I buried his face in the bed as pounded his ass until I exploded my nut up in him.  It was an intense load.  I could feel it.  As I pulled out I noticed that the rubber wasn't on.  I looked around then finaly opened his cheeks.  I pumped so hard it got stuck deep in his hole. I carefully grabbed as much of the end as I could. I pulled it out and we both laughed uncontrollably.  That night I fucked him three times; Once in his room, another in the shower  and once in his living room. 

All the time I was enjoying being his bottom, I didn't realize he was grooming me to be his Top.  And I must say, I'm not too upset about that ! :)


  1. Mark, needless to say that is one hot adventure! Wow, your description of it all was great and it was like I was watching from the next urinal. Sounds like you had an excellent teacher! Thanks for sharing!

    1. I'm glad you enjoyed it ! I've had great experiences and crappy ones I just lean from all of them. Learning is how we teach others. Thanks so much for your feedback and participation.

  2. Damn nice story and fuck it's the way it should be- natural, slow and beautiful.
    I love the way these two guys discovered intimacy as only it should be. rj

    1. Thanks Rj . I'm glad you enjoyed it. It could be real good when you have an excellent teacher as I had. I'm so glad to hear from you. My viewers' comments and feedback is what keeps me wanting to post. Please don't be a stranger.


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