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Tuesday, August 5, 2014



The alarm goes off but he's been up for quite some time.  Up at 7:45am, he gets out of bed, stretches and yawns wearing nothing but the tighty whiteys he slept in.

He begins his morning ritual : pour a cup of orange juice, toast a bagel, brush his teeth and turn on the smooth jazz station.  The music is mellow but still has a nice tempo to dance to.


The music in the kitchen is my cue to get up and pay close attention to the morning pattern of my roommate which is both a blessing and a curse.  It's a blessing because I get to watch him as he goes prancing and dancing to the music, ironing his clothes and showing those callipygous hairy thighs and those perfectly round cheeks that slightly peeks out the sides of his undie briefs.  It's a curse because he has no idea how badly I want to fuck the piss out of him.

And though we are both gay he's shown no signs of desire toward me.  As a matter of fact, he often calls me his brother.  Because of  this I don't dare to do anything thing that may damage that relationship.

But getting back:  It's 8:45am on a Monday.  I absolutely love Mondays .  For some reason my roommate takes his showers on Sundays so that he doesn't have to on Mondays.  This gives him more time to strut around the house in his chonies.

Hey sexy, he says as I walk into the kitchen to reach for a bowl and a box of cereal.
Moving toward me, he plants a kiss on my lips; Nothing intimate, really short and sweet, yet enough to rouse a slight rise in my boxers.  I quickly sit down at the table to avoid him noticing my morning wood.

"How's the hottest stud in town ?" I asked.

roommate : Please ! If I was the hottest stud in town, I'd be getting laid right now !

Me : WHAT ! With that bangin' ass, you should be gettin' it every single day !  Didn't you go out Saturday ?

Roommate : yeah but it was hella slow.

Me : what were you wearing ?

Roommate : Blue jeans and a back tee shirt.

Me : That's the problem. You should've just gone in those underwear ! (Laughter)

Roommate : O.k. Dr. Ruth, when was the last time you got some ?

Me : (with a smirk) Don't you worry about me. This is about you !

Roommate (rolling his eyes) Whateva !

Me : Whateva !
Both : (laughter).            

Roommate : UUUUUGH ! I don't want to go to work today !

Walking toward the radio he turns up the music. Slowing prancing toward me he begins a bump and grind tease.

"O.k. Don't play ! Don't make me put it down on you !" I exclaim.  He laughs and says," right !  Whateva !"  He turns toward the living room and twerks like a stripper in a club.
"You're asking for it !" I warn.  "So whatcha gonna do ?" He playfully shouts.

We've always joked around, flirted and teased all in fun. But this time I felt more than fun getting me excited .

He had a routine of watering the plants just before he got his clothes on for work.
He grabbed the bottle and started watering. I knew if I was going to do anything I would have to catch him before he got his clothes on.

So as he reaches for one of his plants, I creep up from behind him and say," You wanna know what I'm gonna do?" Suddenly I bend down on my knees and bury my face deep into the crack of his ass.
His whiteys ride deep up his butt crack.  He screams and laughs,"You fool ! You're so stupid !"with uncontrollable laughter .  I stay there as his butt muscles start to relax.  I can smell a slight must from the hairs in his butt.  Right then and there I take a deep inhale sucking in as much of his musty hole as I can.  At that moment the laughter stops.  He looks down behind himself at me with both a look of confusion and sheer ecstasy and let's out a sigh.

I stand up,press my wood firmly between his butt cheeks, lean into the back of his ear and whisper,"So what are you gonna do ?"

Still with the look of ecstasy and astonishment he says,"I think we need to take the day off !"


  1. That was hot! I may need to take the day off to come over to borrow some plant food!

  2. Forget the plant food ! Just show up in your tighty whiteys . We'll take care of the rest . LOL

  3. Maybe I better start wearing them again!

  4. Mark Greene: What a beautiful story. I suppose you both got your fill ? Never saw it before. Thank goodness that Cool ass Luke put it into his blog. Congratulations to all of you.


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