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Friday, August 29, 2014

1st Day of Rain

Well, the guy I was going to shoot with today had to postpone for a later date.  I really wanted to shoot today.  But for now I will leave you with a series I did with Jorgen back in November 2012 entitled "1st Day of Rain."  This is how it went.......




Seeing his fists balled together, but cheeks clenched tight, and every muscle in his body tense, not only reminded me just how sexy this stud is but also just how quickly we needed to get this done before he froze his balls off.






  1. I am sorry that you did not get to shoot today. I know you would have enjoyed that. But posting these hot pics of Jorgen is a nice treat for us. You mentioned how cold it was when you referenced his clenched fists. I'd love to hear more about how you did the shoot with him or another model some time. I find it interesting to hear the collaboration between model and photographer. Lovely shots!

  2. thanks for your kind comment here:

    delicious guy you shot, even if I hoped to see his dick too!

    I subscribed your blog, if you want you can subscribe mine, becoming my n.112 member!

    Obviulsy I'll put your among my friends blogs!

    happy weekend!

    1. Of course I will subscribe. I am following your blog and I have you on my favorites list. Forgive me for my slowness but is subscribing the same as following ? I'm still getting into the hang of this whole thing.

    2. I mean: subscribe is becoming a member. Yes, you can say also to follow!
      I can't see if you have a mail...

  3. I'm sitting here in my undies and just found your blog this morning. I am totally glad I did!
    I will be back often.
    I hope you check out my blog also.

    1. WOW ! Thanks alot ! You made my day ! I have been following your blog Queer Heaven for some time now. I love your blog and I am SOO glad you found mine since I'm a fan of yours. I will get to your blog and comment If you don't get this.


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