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Thursday, July 24, 2014

Nocturnal Emissions

 I asked him if he's straight gay or bi. "I only been with women. I love pussy.  Nothing like it  !" He replied.
" So you don't have a problem posing nude especially in front of another guy? "I asked.
 "No, I think I am an exhibitionist at heart.  It may take awhile to warm up but I'll be o.k." He responded.

I told him to get naked, and immediately as soon as his pants drops he has a raging hard on in his shorts.

I got him on the bed and positioned him in various ways.
When I prompted him to get on all fours he happily obliged asking, " Is this good ?"
"Perfect !" I shouted.

As I shot him in various angles,  he began gyrating his hips and hole in the air. He was really enjoying himself.  All the time his dick stayed rock hard.

After awhile of shooting him in this position I told him to take a few minute break.
Still erect, he sat up on the bed and relaxed for a minute.  At that moment we captured this.



  1. Did you take these photos? They are awesome. I love how comfortable he appears in the photos, especially if this is his first time posing.

    1. This was his first time. It is so hot photographing guys who pose for the first time. Its some what of a nerve wrecking experience because you don't want to step over someone's boundaries. But I always try to make them as comfortable as possible. If you can get them to relax you could get some Hot ass pics. Thank you so much for the support. It is much appreciated.


    2. Glad to be a part! Looking forward to seeing more of your work, both as a photographer and as a blogger.

  2. I took some pictures of nude straight guys for art studies back in college and it is important to get them relaxed and comfortable before shooting

    1. I couldn't agree more ! I would love to see some of your work. do you still shoot?


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